Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Clearance sales - extended hours

I had stuff to do at the opposite side of Sydney tonight and as it was raining, I decided to use public transport. The journey involved passing through the city to change buses.

When I finished my stuff & travelled the first bus leg back to the CBD, the bus dropped me off at the corner of Elizabeth and Market St at around 8 pm. 

As I looked up I noticed that David Jones, often the centre of the universe for me, was OPEN. Tuesday night 8 pm, OPEN. Someone was looking after me. They were open til 10 pm for the preview night of their stock take sale. I couldnt believe my luck.

Time to browse without crowds & I noticed they were still putting stuff out on the shelves....

The discounts are selective & unfortunately "up to 60%" means alot are only reduced to 30% & only a handful of items are reduced at anthing close to 50%.....

But I meandered around in women's accessories, ladies shoes & ladies wear. There was nothing I HAD to have - thank God nothing called out. But I enjoyed looking around at a leisurely pace.

I also met a student & sales girl on the accessory floor called Annita. She totally understood the beauty of designer goods and we chatted for quite a while (read: close to an hour), the whole time she was folding the scarves, so when the vultures descended tomorrow, they could mess everything up again...LOL!

I invited her to join our community and I am sure we'll hear from her shortly.

Then at around 9.30 pm I sauntered off to Myer...bless my cotton socks - Myer was open til 11 pm for their stocktake sale preview night. Someone was definitely looking after me. I couldnt believe my extended browsing luck.

Off at Myer, I took some photos of the new import summer stock (Givenchy, Balmain etc) and played around in the designer shoe department. I did another happy dance when nothing called out.

I also checked the prices in the winter designer women's clothing area. The reductions were not across the board - they appeared to be at 30% on some items, although there was a sign up that there was an additional 10% off for the night on anything that was already reduced.

Again - I wasnt impressed - sure, they will increase the discounting as time goes on, but 30% isnt anything to break out the champers about....

The moral of this story is:

well, there is no moral, but tomorrow night, David Jones in the city is open til 9 pm & Myer is open til 11 pm.  The suburban stores are also open late - check their websites. WOO HOO!


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