Sunday, June 24, 2012

I bought Nina Proudman boots - yipee!

I wasnt looking for boots. In fact I am not a boot girl. 

Out of a very large 3 figure collection of footwear, my boots number three.

Well, after today, they number four.

Thanks to you, all my readers who are Nina Proudman fashion obsessed! 

I was at the shops today & these babies came home with me.....

The statistics of these babies are:

Brand: Sportscraft 
Model: Vickey
Season: AW 2011
Full leather, uppers & soles
Plain outer, no zips 
Country of origin: China

Given I wasnt looking for boots, after I bought them, I sat down for a cuppa and did a check of what I would look for in boots....probably not the most logical thing to do after you buy the boots, but maybe better late than never?

My absolutely necessary requirements for the boots were:

- round toe
- mid level high heel
- solid stacked wood heel (leather heels are too hard to maintain)
- mid tan - not dark b/c its harder to wear
- mid tan - not light b/c its too easy to soil
- minimal buckles/details - if its made in Asia,  these details tend to look cheap
- no suede (too hard to maintain)
- leather upper, leather lining, leather sole 
- distressed leather if made in Asia b/c I can feel that they are too precious & can muck around in them
(distressed leather is not a priority for me for a Aussie brand made in Asia, however, if they were expensive imports - as I would be treating them with TLC their whole life...)

My only preferred but not absolutely necessary requirements for the boots were thick soles (if not thick, I would have to put Topey soles on them, as I do on all my shoes)

These babies ticked everything on my list.

So where did they come from?

The David Jones warehouse in Sydney's Birkenhead Point.
I am always raving about that I am doing an extra rave....

Doing the math - 

Now let's do the math, because the math is important.

When anything comes into the DJs warehouse it is automatically reduced by 30% from the original store price.

Sometimes the item has the original store sticker, sometimes not.

In this case the math (& stickers on the sole) indicate:

Original store price = $339.95 
Less:  30% warehouse discount of $101.99
Equals warehouse starting price = $237.96 

Those of you who follow my rants know that 30% isnt enough for me. I would never have bought these at $237.96.

But today, the DJs warehouse had an extra 40% off all clothing, shoes & something else which I have forgotten about.

So 40% of $237.96 = $95.18.
Subtract $95.18 from $237.96 & you get a final price of $142.78.

I noticed a small mark on one of the boots & I asked for an extra they took an extra 10% off their original get to a final price for Valerie of......drum roll.....ta da....$118.98.  

That means 65% off the original store price of $339.95.
Another woo-hoo!

Now that's what I call a sale price!

I will post more photos tomorrow in daylight, but I am so happy to have these!

Other stores - 

The other thing I did after I got the boots was totter around other high street shoe stores looking for a similar boot - just to see if there was anything else out there worth reporting on.  I was very surprised to find nothing else remotely similar. Anything "similar" was either a chocolate or a taupe suede. Very strange.

Diana Ferrari has made a current boot that is similar, but I dont like the detail at the top....and its heaps more expensive than my boot...hehehe


Even though Nina's bohemian style is definitely not my thing, I am only incorporating the boots into my life. No way I am incorporating her clothes. No way. In any case I hate replicating someone's whole look - but bits & pieces here & there are OK.

Nina Proudman & her boots
The 70s look - Charlie's Angels

Weird co-incidence, I was just watching old episodes of the original Charlie's Angels.....Season 1, episode 17, The Vegas Connection & I noticed Jill Munroe (Farrah Fawcett-Majors) wearing something similar (not the same, but similar).

Boots like these are definitely a 70s look.

Farrah Fawcett in the foreground with Jacklyn Smith in the background

But its amazing how some things come round again - although most of the time you need to wear them in a different way to avoid looking retro!

The moral of this post - 

I dont think you can go out & find what you want in an instant - that's why last minute occasion shopping is fraught with danger....instead, keep a list of what you're looking for & refer to it as you window will take some time to build up a workable wardrobe, probably at least 2-4 seasons. 

Dont believe anyone who says that they can do one shopping trip with you and provide you with a new wardrobe. Its not as simple nor as fast as that.

So keep your eyes & ears open - you never know what you'll find.....


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