Saturday, June 9, 2012

Woman of style who loves Prince

Moseying down Elizabeth St Sydney, mid morning, I looked up and saw this.....

My heart skipped a beat - she looked blog worthy & I had only seen the back!

So I stopped her and asked if I could take some photos. 

Her name is jane Humphreys and she is an IT consultant.

I have to admit I did a double take when she told me what she did for a living - I would have thought she would be in media or advertising or something creative.

Here are some close ups:
Lime green wool cardi with a very subtle vivid purple trim & a bold acrylic necklace in the same tones.


Silver toned accessories - the glasses & earrings have touches of green in tones which work, even though they are not precisely the same shade as the lime cardi.

I love the way she doesnt feel the need to match every bit of green precisely to the identical shade.  Its just that right amount of wrong to make it right.

Such a cool watch & the nails tone in with the purples.

& then the finale - the Prince logo cut into her hair - WOW!

Prince had been in town a few days prior to the day I spotted Jane and our woman of style was definitely a fan!

The salon she had her hair done at was Furr in Newtown - the hairdresser's name was Kylie.

Jane said a number of people had asked to photograph her hair, but no one had previously asked to also capture her clothes and accessories. 

I love that she has such a powerful top to toe statement look & it is so unique to her.

I also love that she uses clothes/accessories (& the hair) to express herself & to have fun.

Such a cool lady! 

Definitely not an IT nerd (no offense to IT people)!

Definitely blog-worthy, dont you think?


  1. Yessssss. I am a big fan of Prince so Jane's hair brought a big smile to my face. The girl is definitely cool. You go girl.