Friday, June 15, 2012

Nina Proudman shops her closet & does groundhog day

Apart from her hospital scrubs, Nina wore two outfits last night & I am thrilled about one of them & frustrated to the heavens about the other. 

Lets look at the "frustrating" outfit first.....

Why frustrating? It so deja vu, it felt like groundhog day....

And anyone that makes me put a picture of Bill Murray in a fashion blog definitely deserves a smack on the mouth!

The frustrating outfit was worn by Nina for the 2nd part of the show. It was jeans, her tan high boots, skinny scarf in greens/pinks, dark cami & frilled shirt over it in a dusky pink.

Do you agree with me about ground hog day?

Or did you love the outfit & want to know where every part came from?

Like every other woman in Australia, I just heard you say: You love the outfit & want to know where it all came goes....

Top to botton:


Silver ball earrings in a filigree style

I go straight to Najo for something like this......
They are an Italian company that wholesales through independent jewellery stores.

and in a slightly different shape for when she re-unites with Patrick....

Black camisole:

Target $9

Any high street store has something like this.

or a bra friendly version......

Target for $12,

The scarf:

The only rules are long, thin, soft colours & small prints. Nothing loud.

Any of the high street stores will have options, but I'm afraid you will have to track this down...Target, Sussan, Just Jeans, Kmart, Suzanne Grae, Country Road, Ojay, Portmans, Mimco, Forever New, Sportsgirl...the list goes on & on....even those accessory stalls in the middle of shopping centres have terrific finds in this regard...

Here is a classic Nina type of scarf in plain colours.....

If you want to give it a touch of difference, make it a crochet version (extra boho!)...

& some other more quirky styles (if you dont want to be a Nina clone but you just want to be inspired by her....heheheh)

The shirt:

Now for the top....dusky pink/red with small vertical frills, short elastic sleeves, tucked in over the cami......

I found this at Ezibuy for $25 & its available in a soft pink...roll up the sleeves & it kinda fits the bill.....

Or head to Metallicus - for a soft pink cardi that can serve many more occasions than a this.....

again, Metallicus....

In a pinch, grab a normal shirt, roll up the sleeves, leave it half unbuttoned but tuck in the bottom half & it may do the trick.

Another idea is to find a similar top in white (its easier to find things in white) & dye it a soft pink......


Nina wore two necklaces:

A bolder disc necklace & a finee equally long chain.

I went to Virtue (a NZ brand) for some fine long chains with a boho slant - they were all reduced from $20 to $12. Any high street store can help you here though - the options are endless....

The disc necklace shouldnt be too hard to find. Check out stores like Diva, Lovisa, Equip - they have metal disc pendants in both gold & silver tones. 

While Nina loves gold because it flatters her creamy complextion, you may look better with silver tones (like moi!) & should aim for that shade instead.

Even a fob watch pendant can serve as the disc necklace & there are certainly plenty of those!


Nina is normally a True Religion fan, but earlier in the day she wore Acne. Take your pick.


Them boots are taking a beating. 

She keeps wearing the same boots again & again. You'd think an obstetrician would earn enough to buy more than one pair....

The brand is D Co Copenhagen, carried by Styletread. Styletread have re stocked this brand and now have a number of similar (but not quite the same) styles.....

Their prices are $480 +.

Another site, runway girl, has taken 30% the "Cameron" boot off to bring them to $, dont walk....

I dont think its the identical Nina boot - I think its darker, the heel is slightly different in shape, as is the top, however these differences are minimal. 

Seriously guys, I KNOW you can find something similar at Wittner or Nine West etc for less than half that price.....

And the outfit I am thrilled about?

1. green cami
2. white Scanlan & Theodore cardi
3. Fossil belt
4. D Co Copenhagen boots (again)
5. Acne jeans

& look at one of her looks in season 2:

1. green cami
2. white Scanlan & Theodore cardi

3. Fossil belt
4. True Religion jeans 

and another look in season 2:

ain't love grand?

1. green cami

So what do I love about the outfit from last night?

The fact that Nina was shopping her closet!
Its worth doing - you'll never know what you'll find that you've forgotten about or that you can try and wear in a new way.

Do you do a Nina in the sense that you shop your closet?

What I dont understand is how Nina has these clothes given her home burnt down & she lost her clothes from season 2....slight production over sight perhaps?


Until next week.....



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