Saturday, June 23, 2012

Woman of style - gorgeous mix of colour

Today I met another woman of style.
I was in the city and walking behind her.
I knew I'd regret it if I didnt tap her on the shoulder.

Her name was Youna.


She was wearing:

- a camel double faced coat
- grey stretch mini with gold zipped front skirt
- black coated leggins
- a black long scarf
- a tan tote
- grape-y/purple dessert boots

She looked fantastic.

I loved her use of colour - her basics of grey/black/soft camel were popped by tan & purple

Seriously, I have never seen desert boots look this good! Even the laces are a complementing shade of purple & help to give the look pop!

& the brighter tan of the tote worked beautifully against the neutrals. I am so glad she didnt match the softer coat colour to the tote colour.


Look at the coat - it has a cape over it.....

The cape is a great idea to broaden shoulders especially if you are a pear shape. Youna wasnt a pear, so in her case its just a terrific fashion feature as well as providing extra warmth around the shoulder area.

& it was double faced....what does this mean?

Well, double faced wool/cashmere is two layers of the fabric with a stretchable yarn

which serves as an intermediate to interlock 

between the stitches of the two layers of 

fabric. If that sounds clear as mud, here is a picture (showing a cross section of the fabric) which may help give you an idea of the fusion....

The edges of the fabric are folded in and there are no exposed raw edges. Garments with double faced fabric is extremely time consuming (& costly) to alter. Double faced wool/cashmere isnt usually lined. Double faced fabric can be used to create different effects on either side, or in Youna's case, to create a fabric that is identical inside & out.

I find its only the best garments that use fabric with this technique. Frankly, to have a fabric that is the same inside & out with no raw edges is lovely, clean & well, just yummy.

Leggins as pants

There (always) seems to be alot of debate about the use of leggins as pants. As far as I am concerned if you have legs like Youna's you can get away with alot more than a "normal" person. In any case, she is wearing the short mini over it. I think she rocks the look. What do you think?

So what more can I say?

She's gorgeous & she works a look to perfection.


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