Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How to lose 5 kg by changing your hem length

This post is based on the assumption that you want to look taller & slimmer & not shorter & fatter.

If that’s true, keep reading.

The pants from this catalogue show the SS 2013/14 Andiamo Clothing basics range. Andiamo has been doing these cuts for forever. Perfect actually, because there is something for everyone.

I picked up the hard copy of this catalogue today from Corfu Blue in Beecroft. It struck me as a terrific learning tool about the impact of hem lengths. Why? Because it shows the same style/shape of pants on the same model with the same shoes & same other clothes.  That makes it easy to compare the impact of various lengths.  Its what scientists love to call a control environment or “all other things being equal”.

WHY? The unbroken line of the pant leg all the way to the foot creates the strongest vertical eye movement.

WHY? The pant hem cuts horizontally close to the widest point of the calf creating a strong fattening line. Plus, the shoe ankle strap creates a second strong fattening line. The more places you break the leg line, the fatter & shorter you will look. That's a promise.

Notice also it’s the only photo where the model has turned 30 degrees and isn’t facing the front.  I think that’s deliberate because a front shot will always make you look wider than an angled shot.

WHAT ABOUT #2, #3 and #4?
The closer you bring the pant hem to the foot, the more continuous & unbroken the leg line looks - hence the more slimming. So #4 is more slimming than #3 which is more slimming than #2.


Change the style
Obviously everyone has a different body shape – so selecting a different leg style (skinny, wide, boot) can and will make a different impact to the Andiamo classic cut shown here.

Change the brand 
Of course, one brand’s classic may not have the same impact as another brand’s classic.

Remove horizontal straps 
If you wear shoes without a horizontal ankle strap is a high contrast colour, then you will look taller & thinner.  In fact this applies to any horizontal straps and even more so if they are in contrast colours to your skin/clothes.

Change the colour
If you wear a shoe in a colour close to the colour of the hem of your skirt or pants, then you will look taller & thinner.

Go nude
If you wear a nude shoe, then you will look taller & thinner. Make sure nude is as close to your skin colour as possible for maximum impact.

Go for heels
Heels will make you look slimmer & taller than flats.

Go for pointy toes 
Pointy toes will make you looks slimmer & taller than round toes.

Go for a short vamp 
A short vamp will make you look slimmer & taller than a long vamp. Wide feet beware.

Go for a cut out side
Cut out sides (D'Orsay style) are often more flattering & leg lengthening than a shoe with high sides. Wide feet beware. 

Try ons are a must 
Ultimately you need to try on & compare & to do this in one session so that all other things remain equal.

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