Sunday, May 22, 2011

Camel & Charcoal - high end not high street

A friend of mine has based her corporate wardrobe around black & grey (tick).
Last week she sheepishly admitted that there was a camel suit lurking in the depth of her wardrobe which she has had for a while (read: a long time) & hardly worn.

Why? Camel doesnt suit her complexion

My interpretation? Camel is a hospital colour for her (as it is for me).

My advice? Exorcise the jacket - shed a tear (or whatever, eye roll) & donate, sell, just get it out of the wardrobe - otherwise too much clutter & it makes getting dressed in the morning confusing & s-l-o-w. I mean - whats the point of keeping something you dont wear (& there was no sentimentality attached to the acquisition anyway!)

Bye bye jacket! Shed that single tear? Then get over it.

More advice? Wear the pants back with black, charcoal grey, navy, red...the possibilities are endless.

She looked at me funny - Camel with charcoal grey? seriously?

Yes - absolutely!

Witness the below....

The Burberry classic nova check is based on this combo.

Look at the classic leopard print - its a muted black/grey print on camel - if its good enough for nature, then its good enough for our wardrobes!

A Zara cape/pants combo in camel/grey

More options...

Warning, warning, danger Will Robinson - be careful with hose in colours though - they can add pounds & pounds - same goes for contrasting your hose with your shoes - the break in the line can add pounds too!

Back to the look.....

this is Michael Kors AW2010 - New York Fashion Week...classy & refined...

When you think about it - if camel can work with black & anthracite (a shade away from black), then how can it possibly NOT work with grey?

Have you noticed how camel has been partnered with red this winter? everywhere you look - camel & red. red & camel. & more of the same. Well - that combo pops, thats for sure - thats why the hi street has latched onto it.

In comparison, grey & camel is more understated - more serene & less "flashy". Think eurochic.
Thats precisely the reason the high street doesnt "get" camel & grey as well as high end "gets" it.

But its a beautiful refined combination - isnt that what we want?

I even found a piccie of all 3 mentioned colours - camel, grey & red!
See how the red takes over? It command attention & the look isnt subtle any more Euro chic....waaaahhhh....

Back to the more serene look.....

and I love the camel heel/platform with the dark grey uppers in the shoes here...

& another classic look

How to wear hospital colours?

The key to wearing a hospital colour is to wear it anywhere except for near your face.

So NO to: jackets, scarves, necklaces in the hospital colour
So YES to: pants, skirts, shoes, handbag/other accessories not near the face in the hospital colour

This means that my friend's camel pants may give her more options than she thought she had previously - isnt that what we want in our wardrobe?

Camel is a great neutral, its hot right now. Sounds good to me!


Camel works well with black - but you knew that.

Camel also works well with denim & chambray

These "PS" photos were lovely - couldnt resist throwing them into the mix even though they are slightly off topic!

And if you have gotten this far - great - may I ask that your recommend this blag to a couple of your fashion interested girlfriends (or boyfriends)?

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