Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zara Sydney - NEWSFLASH

Recent chat with a Zara inside spy reveals the following:


The Sydney store is now receiving deliveries EVERY week day.

You may recall from my earlier blog post that they were receiving stock on Tuesday & Thursday each week - that stock being placed on the floor for customers to buy by Wednesday & Friday morning. These drops are still done but they now mainly comprise the NEW items.

The additional deliveries on every other day will comprise a combination of repeats of successful sellers and some NEW items.


Zara is using different carriers for alot of these drops so the items will not always be on the floor first thing in the morning. For example, last night a delivery arrived at 11 pm, other times at 5 pm. Customs hold ups also cause some delays so there isnt a consistency of timing of the drops.

As far as merchandising the stock onto the floor, they prioritise hanging stock first, folded stock second. That makes sense because the hanging stock, is already hanging so its easier to place on the floor and it takes up more room than folded stock - so its best to sell it first.


They also have 6 floors of storerooms at the Sydney store, so if a sales assistant checks on an item for you, make sure they have checked every store room.


Dont forget also, that some sales assistants are "dedicated stock people", while others are simply floor sales people. Obviously the former have the detailed knowledge on the stock on the storerooms (all 6 of them!) - make sure one of those checks for you. This means that if you have had a conversation with a floor sales assistant, ask them to check with a dedicated stock room person.

If you float around in the store, you'll be able to tell the difference between these two type of assistants - the dedicated stock people move in and out of the stock rooms & the floor pretty fast - you wont see them casually fixing up fixtures and the like.

The dedicated stock room people also dont seem to wear the uniform most of the time. In contrast, the floor sales people always wear the uniform. Currently the uniform is a black base (pants, tee top with long sleeves) with a hip length black sleeveless vest (think: jacket without sleeves)....the sleeveless jacket (or any variation of) is not on sale ATM.


As I also mentioned in a a previous posting, stock is also held at a warehouse in Alexandria. However I dont believe its possible to check style numbers back to that warehouse. Its a intermediate depot from which we get lovely surprises which comprise the shop drops!

Have fun - its a great store & cant wait for Melbourne to open too!

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