Saturday, May 14, 2011

Man Quiz - Is he a Harry or a Larry?

Well, as much as I love, love, love womens clothing, I had to get round to it eventually.....and boy have I been putting it off, I have to admit......what I am talking about is writing about mens clothing and related stuff....

I was window shopping at Sydney's Westfield Bondi Junction today (the only NSW shopping centre with a surviving Borders store, hence a monthly visit is a must for me, to pick up their overseas fashion mags) & a (juicy) mens sartorial topic came to on....

Firstly, some background......if you're like me, you like to "figure out" someone & place them in a box in your head. Sure, sure, all (precious) men are unique & special (yeah, yeah, yeah) & we shouldnt stereotype, but boy oh boy does stereotyping help us (read: me) function! In fact, not only does it help me understand their crazy & stupid behaviour, it helps me to predict their future gotta admit, thats a handy tool to have.

You can classify men as nice v assholes. You can classify men as nerds v cool. You can classify men as brain v brawn. It goes on & on. Some of this will often be based on their clothing especially at first instance (& for that reason may the the topic of a later blog post).

But the outright winning super helpful sartorial distinction, the one and only, truly outstanding classification, streets ahead of any other so dont even bother to try is the classification which is the subject of this post.

Is he a Harry or a Larry?

Yes, you read that correctly - Is your man/any man a Harry or a Larry?

Once you understand what this distinction is about, you will be classifying every man you meet as well as the ones you already know. Makes for interesting thoughts when you are supposed to be working, driving, cleaning house, or even shopping.

Harry = Harry High Pants
Larry = Larry Low Pants

Witness photos of Harrys:

and the Harry that has no idea what sort of a Harry-dork he is...

The Harry that can in fact make Harrydom look cool....

In fact, this photo is from Thom Browne, a New York mens designer (who also does womens) and was one of the first mens designers to embrace the suits with the small armholes/close to the Harrydom, done the right way can be cool.

Now witness photos of Larrys:

Either he is too cool for school or has no idea how to do up his belt and pick up his pants....

If he's on stage, he probably IS too cool for school....

Now just to make sure you're actually reading & not just scrolling down aimlessly, here is a quiz for you......take a guess whether the following photo is a Harry or a Larry.....

Go on - take your guess.....

Yep, you answered correctly if you said he is a Harry! Clapping all round. Very good, you passed.

Yes, in my humble opinion, Harry's are generally less cool, wear cardigans, have pens in their shirt pockets & cramp your style more than Larrys. They may also be older than Larrys. Yes, all generalisations, my friends, but true words. In my experience though, Harrys tend to hang around (like a bad smell...hahaha) more than Larrys - Larrys have a tendency to wander....well if my man didnt know how to do up his pants, maybe its just as well he wanders & can become someone else's problem, eh?

So next time you look at a male colleague, your boyfriend, a bloke on the street, your father, your neighbour - hopefully you'll be assessing whether they are Harrys or Larrys.

And if you agree with me that a Larry may be generally cooler than a Harry, witness this photo.....

well, maybe not!
on the other hand, looking at those 6 packs, maybe yes!


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