Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Skirts over pants - a Chanel special

I am not sure that I can raise my hand and continue to keep pleading undying allegiance to Kaiser Karl. I know this may be blasphemy to some of you, but let me explain. For the recent Chanel Cruise collection 2011/2012, Karl Lagerfeld showed pants under skirts. Also pants under dresses and also pants under tunics.
And yes, it was Chanel, but I am not convinced.
Not that this look wont take off. If Karl can single handedly bring back the clumpy clog that you have been seeing in stores for the last 12 months, then frankly, he can do anything.
What I am not convinced about is that this look will take off and look good on 90% of the Western population.
Take a look at some of the Chanel Cruise collection in question....

notice anything? perhaps tall models?

perhaps skinny models?

look familiar? more tall skinny girls....

Now, strictly, you may have noticed these arent skirts over pants - they are skirts over "shoes that extend upwards to look like pants"....same deal...looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Duck = pants.

Frankly I think its pretty insane & ugly - even on tall & thin models. What chance does it have with the real population who have real bodies? Buckleys & none.

Maybe the girls dont have enough body fat & need these pants to keep warm? Well its a resort collection - so thats unlikely my dears.

It reminds me my school uniform when we were trying to stay warm - perhaps it should stay at school. please?

I have to admit, in the middle east or in India, this type of look may be a lovely look, combined with a scarf that is part of the whole look. Maybe Kaiser Karl is pandering to this geographic segment as he knows its where the streets may be paved in fashion gold.

But on a typical Western woman, who is often a size 12 or 14 or 16, lets not go there....please. Its another way of layering that just doesn't work IMO. So if you are a slim size 8 or smaller, go ahead & wear it. But that's not 90% of the population.

As a reader of this blog - no doubt you know my bad bits & know how to flatter them or at least not bring attention to them.

Frankly, as a typpical Western woman in shape, I dont want to be wearing the latest look (skirts over pants) if it makes me look bad.

I'll leave you a few more images ...

This is Richard Chai's collection from AW 2010 - a US designer who previously worked for the Marc by Marc Jacobs line....

Australian designer Richard Nicoll now shows in London - this is his AW 2010 and it was the opening look of his collection...

Now that Kaiser Karl has latched onto the trend - given everything he touches turns to gold, be afraid, be very afraid!


If you are wondering about the Chanel clogs - here is one of the photos from the Chanel Spring Summer 2010 collection that started it all.....
still cant believe this took off & now you are all buying it from the high street!

I repeat - be afraid, be very afraid!

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