Monday, May 9, 2011

Royal wedding PS - Who wore it best?

Dear frock lovers,

I am hanging my head in shame.
I have been out fashion scooped by No Idea or Womans Die.
For those in the northern part of the globe, they are our two weekly womens magazines - you know, the ones you read at the checkout & feel a bit funny when you buy them because you've read cover to cover in like oh, about 20 minutes. They are actually called New Idea & Womans Day, but I cant bear not to call them funny names when they make such blink of an eye reading!

I was at said supermarket & picked one of these mags up today (they both come out on Mondays) - now I cant recall which one of the two it was (kinda like trying to distinguish between the Olsen twins)...but it showed that 1 frock was worn by 3 women at the Royal Wedding. Yes, the same frock.

Dont know if thats ever happened to you in real life, but if it does, stop being mortified & trying to figure out whether you or she looks better & strut over to the other you & congratulate her for her good taste. Seriously, handle it with confidence and aplomb & you WILL be the one who looks better.

Bit of a problem if both of you have read my blog though, and both of you do this! hehehehe

The outfit is a Matthew Williamson (UK designer) grey on white leopard print swing coat in linen with beading at the sleeves. If you have ever spent time in a Williamson tribute or boutique you'll know that he never met a bling or sparkle he didnt like.

Apparently, said coat costs over £1,000 & its SS 2011

Here are the photos of the triplicate outfit.....

1. Meghan Gunderman, a friend of the couple from St Andrews University - nice

2. Isabelle Anstruther-Gough-Calthope, age 31, model & actress
One time love interest of Prince William.

3. Un-named guest...not sure how she can see under that hat actually....

Both #1 & #2 wore the matching corset dress underneath, whilst #3 chose a contrasting white/off white/grey (hedging my bets here....hahaha) bottom.

The corset dress was

Both pieces are still available on line...
eg: as well as

So who wore it best?

Frankly I love the long over short silhouette of #1 & #2. As long as #3 keeps her skirt at knee level, I am sure hers would look great too - understandable that at a more mature age, you're not as likely to wear the mini. So, I love all three.

Here's a tit-bit - Williamson launched his own line of bridal wear recently. But he said he had no interest in dressing the royal bride, saying it wasnt his thing....and at a Vogue party was quoted" Kate isnt a fashion bunny. I dont know why everyone in fashion is waiting to see what she wears. I'm like thinking Get Over It." you lots of others would disagree & am sure he didnt like the mystery surrounding her dress when he would have known he wasnt the designer...sour grapes, perhaps?

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