Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I wear a uniform

I wear a uniform.

I am not a nurse, a bus driver, a policeman or a firefighter.

But I wear a uniform.

This is my uniform.

I cant recall where I found this photo, but make no mistake, this IS my uniform.

I vary the accessories - the shoes, the necklace, the bag, the bracelets, maybe a scarf but essentially the base is always the same....

Stark white, 

Black (or navy), 

Loose top (or tank) or sweater covering my bum,

Nothing tucked in

Sometimes the pants are slightly wider

Very little colour & usually in the accessories

Very little print & usually in the accessories

The uniform is my casual daywear. I have another uniform for work & another for going out (separate posts on those later).

If you have a uniform, the chances are that:

1. You are older (dont ask me to define this!!)

2. You have a strong sense of (fashion) self, meaning you understand your body shape & colouring & dress accordingly.

3. You've been through fads & trends in your earlier years

4. You favour ease in getting dressed, meaning you generally have whatever you need to wear, accessible in your wardrobe

5. You feel comfortable in your uniform so you can get on with your life - you arent self conscious in your clothes

6. You have many duplicated pieces & they all get worn because you know what shapes & colours work for you.
If your duplicates arent getting worn, there is a chance your "uniform" is accidental/random/not deliberate - or you may simply be in a rut - see me later on this.

I am not the only one with a uniform.
Check out the following babes...

                                                          The Queen has a uniform

The Late Princess Diana had a summer uniform

                                  & a winter uniform

& an evening uniform.


Sienna Miller has a (boho country) uniform (although she is deliberately
changing it in the last 12 months or so)

                          Eva Mendes has a very distinctive summer 
                                                           uniform of floral dresses

                       Jessica Alba has a very consistent uniform of jeans,
                                                                  top, jacket & scarf

                         Jennifer Aniston has a uniform of jeans, dark jacket & neutral solid tops.                                

As the weather lightens, she removes the jacket & softens the top

Or she may wear cargos or a spot of colour. 
But the uniform remains the same.

The only bad thing the uniform can be accused of is that its boring.  But no-one that has a uniform & works it well would agree with this.

The uniform saves you money - because all your pieces are interchangeable & you can get more mileage from everything (cost per wear goes down).

The uniform saves you time.

Do you have a uniform?

Is there a celebrity whose style you admire? Chances are they have a uniform. Google their clothes & see if their uniform could be your uniform.

If you cant figure out what their uniform is, just ask me!

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  1. It is good to always look good on what you will wear. It is nice to see some celebrities looks simple yet pretty on what they are wearing.