Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The FUNKY pant now at Target

Recently popped into Target to find a duplicate pair of pant, which fit me very well. They were taupe and straight legged with a thin patent red belt (chucked the belt away).

While the SA was calling near-by stores, we found the pant in my size in a bright kelly green. I ummed & ahhed and decided not to take it because:

1. I didnt wear brights on the bottom even during the height of the colour bomb & colour blocking trends. 

2. They would look weird with all my neutrals.

3. If I am umming & ahhing, the rule is to leave them & walk out.

But on my way out, I spotted something FABULOUS.


Pictures in a patient....

OMG, Target had done the FUNKY PANT.

By way of background, the Winter 2012/13 collections (= southern hemisphere Winter 2013) were full of psychadelic, acid trip, saturated colour, hi contrast, loud print pant suits.....

Prada AW 2012

Prada AW 2012

Prada AW 2012

Prada AW 2012

Miu Miu AW 2012

Miu Miu AW 2012

Miu Miu 2012

Miu Miu 2012

Kenzo AW 2012

Kenzo AW 2012

Louis Vuitton AW 2012

Louis Vuitton AW 2012

March Jacobs AW 2012

Marc Jacobs AW 2012

Hermes AW 2012

Hermes AW 2012

Mary Katrantzou AW 2012

Erdem AW 2012

Get the drift? 

Alot of these looks are top to toe.
That may be too much for the average Joe or Josephine.

So a smart high street retailer will do the print as separates in sell them separates.

Enter, Target with the FUNKY PANT....

Belt loops, flat front, 2 side pockets, 2 hook & bar closures & internal button.

In a Women's house brand called "Skinny, voila...

Full length with a cuffed hem. Hem can be unstitched & lowered if you dont like dust catchers.

cotton/elastene - good fabric

& its sister funky pant.....

sister funky pant

sister funky pant fabric

Then, knowing that Hot Options often repeats a style from the main Target lines, but at a cheaper price point, I toddled over to Hot Options & found it....

Cropped cotton/elastene, flat front, belt loops, side pockets, no cuffs

 close up of Hot apricot/green/black/white print. The web site does this print no justice

You may also recall that recently, I also reported on a Target Limited Editions suit (sold as separates).....

The pants in that story are a blue/black brocade & remind me of this ornate saturated types of prints....

and the matching jacket is a reasonably not OTT piece too - wearable to work for sure. 

So did any of these follow me home?

Yes, the navy/red circle print.


The print is small & not overwhelming (hence not creating an overwhelming bum!)
I love circles
I love red & navy, in fact navy is my black.
Its on trend & fun.

Now, which of my navy tops will work with it? probably most of them....

As for the taupe pant...well it doesnt look like that will happen....but its not a big was going to be a back up after all....

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