Monday, January 21, 2013

The midi generally isnt flattering

The midi is used to describe any skirt/dress hem length that finishes between the knee and the ankle.

The midi has been around on the high street for about a year now. We started to see it on the runways about a year, maybe a touch more, prior to that.

Trends are funny things - the more a trend hangs around, the more we get used to it & no matter how ugly or unflattering it was initially, the eye gets used to it. The result is that it is less unflattering & ugly as time goes by. 

This is not a good thing as we get tricked into accepting trends which, well, make us look less than our best.

The midi is one such trend.

Unless you are tall, reasonably thin & have a waist, the midi hem length is not the best. Of course there are exceptions, but this rule applies to MOST women, MOST of the time.

Chanel loved the midi in the 1930s - yes, she was very thin.
Mad Men girls love the midi - but most of those girls are tall & its TV after all (hello? made to measure). 
Victoria Beckham loves the midi - but then again, look at how skinny she is.

Please do not wear a trend/style which looks good on another body type, other than yours. Simple.

BTW, the most universally flattering hem length is around the knee.

Let's look at Jessica in Louis Vuitton at the recent Golden Globes.

in Louis Vuitton

Ignore the print (I love it, but its too much for some & maybe for you). If you raise Jessica's hem by 2 inches, its appeal overall flattery factor will skyrocket. If only I could prove it to you....sigh....

Try this one, also at the recent Golden Globes.

Amanda Peet in ??? a monstrosity

There are many issues with this - the engulfing sleeves, apparent shapelessness, the black tights/patent shoes......and....drumroll....the length.

Another recent one is Diana Agron.

Diana Agron in Bottega Veneta

Wearing a Bottega Veneta (for which I would need to get second mortgage), quite apart from the blah flutter sleeves (she must have got Amanda Peet's memo), the hem length is "nana city".

Doesnt help that the black horizontal beading draws the eye downwards to the calf area. 

The lesson here:

Unless you want to look like the above women, dont wear a trend that looks its best on another body type, other than your own. 

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