Monday, January 21, 2013

If in doubt, walk away.

Even though I love Quality (notice the capital "Q"?), I will look everywhere for "stuff". High street is no exception.

Last week as I was wondering through Kmart (as you do), I spotted this:

It was a cotton, summer weight hoodie in a soft yellow with fuschia pink print. It was $15.

So I tried it on and found my size. So far, so good. I love preppy style logo-d hoodies. Not only do I love them, I actually do wear them.

But slight problem - yellow (any shade) hates me. Severely.
Always has. Warm tones like cream, camel, browns, oranges and yellows near my face make me look like I should be taken to hospital.

Granted, there are some shades of these hospital colours which look better on me than other shades. but I still look bad in them. Hence the term, hospital colours.   

Here's the interesting bit - I spent half an hour wandering around the store trying to decide whether to buy it. 

Despite the rule I preach: If in doubt, leave it & walk away.

Go figure!

Now here is where it starts to fall into place.....

In the casual section, I found these:

These are plus size plain cotton tees, in white & in black.

I love loose fits and I love the scoop necklines. $10 each.
Now, these are way more me than a yellow sports top.

Naturally, I bought one of each. 

I will slash the hips area strategically & wear them with a statement necklace & narrow dark jeans (I dont own skinnies, my legs wont fit in them...). High heels mandatory.

Lanvin pearl layered necklace

The black & white with accessories is far more me. 
& I love that I can change the accessories & have a new outfit each time.

The lessons here:

1. If you cant decide, decide to leave it.
2. Know thyself and dress accordingly.

So simple, yet so crucial, I cant believe I almost forgot them.

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