Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10 Ways with Jeans - classic & neutral

The Rules:

1. Style: These looks will work for anyone who loves classic & neutralIf boho, rock chic or dramatic are your thing, be prepared to be disappointed. 

2. Shapes: Use these pictures as inspiration for the type of garments shown. However, these looks will only work if the shape of the garment YOU wear is the shape that suits YOUR body type. So if Elle is wearing a hip length jacket in black, but you are 5" nothing, then make sure the length of jacket you are wearing is shorter than Elle's. 

3. Colours: Most of the colours shown can be worn by any colouring. However if you are fair, substitute black for any other darker shade like navy or grey. If you are a red head, your best black is chocolate. Also if you have a warm complexion, substitute white & blue for off white/cream & greens. You'll find they will generally work better for you. The blues and whites tend to work better for cool complexions.

4. Jackets: Most of these looks work around jacket. A jacket smartens up a look more than anything else on the planet. Learn to substitute softer garments like cardis for jackets. Every body shape has a best jacket shape. Take advantage. 

  1. Navy jacket, faded base, uber accessories

Even though the base is very casual, the jacket & uber
accessories smarten up the look.
2. Dark jacket with smart blouse 

Notice that the jeans arent ripped nor faded & the top is a blouse, not a tee.
That is a deliberate way to take the outfit up a notch.

3. All black except for the jeans

By adding a jacket to this look, it keeps it smart & takes it up a notch.
Without the jacket it's relaxed.

4. Trench & striped tee

A trench will pull together anything underneath.

5. Pretty lace top

6. Denim jacket & white top

7. Fun jacket - eg: spots

The "fun" element can be any print, texture or interest. 

8. Oversize anorak 

To stop this swamping you, keep everything else slim/close
to the body & the accessories smart.

9. Dark jacket, toning denim base

10. Pastel jacket & top

Note how the pastels soften the look.

Oops, one more...

11. Sweater

Petites please keep your sweaters compact.

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