Sunday, October 13, 2013

Managing big boobs - lessons from Julie Bishop

When I saw this photo of Julie Bishop (Minister for Foreign Affairs) in New York on a United Nations junket, I got very excited because its a perfect example of what not to do if you have a big bust.

Oops. Big oops.

The high neckline just reinforces one big monoboob. There is nothing to break up the monoboob. No decolletage, no necklace, no brooch, no texture. Nothing.  

The monoboob walks into the room before Julie does. Distracting. Especially when you want to be taken seriously at the United Nations. Or anywhere. 

It doesnt help that its sleeveless - that provides even less to focus on, making the boobs the number one attraction. 

Here she is again at one of the polies' mid winter balls.

One big droopy monoboob.
Monoboob due to the high neckline.

Droopy because of the pattern/embroidery on the bodice. I doubt very much that she isnt wearing the right bra.

But look at this one...

The scoop neckline helps to break up the monoboob. We notice the skin & the boobs start to take a back seat.

What about the next one? 

On one hand, I think she has lost some weight here, however it could be the fact that this is a matt dress compared to the scoop neck blingy silver number above. Shine reflects light & makes things look bigger. Matt absorbs light & makes things look smaller. I know which I prefer to wear. 

Weightloss or not, the big bust rule still applies. 
Big bust? Break it up.

So she breaks it up with a sheer layer with sequins/crystals. Nice.  

On a more subtle level, this also works well as it has some distinct straight lines - the broad collar line & the straight line of the lining above the bust. In contrast, the scoop neck blingy silver dress has a very obvious curved collar shape. Curves create curves. If you are already curvy be careful of adding curves with your clothes.

So let's go to Julie's work clothes. 
This next one isnt too bad....

The white cami has a somewhat high neckline. But she is breaking it up reasonably well with her Armani jacket & a brooch. The jacket works well here as the tweed provides texture & depth and the medium sized lapels balance out the chest area. 

Let's look at a variation of this....

Notice how simply by lowering the cami's neckline her boobs loose impact? Flick up & down between these two photos - the basic outfit is the same, but the impact of lowering the cami is massive. In the latter, you tend to then notice Julie as a whole rather than Julie's boobs.

Dont forget that there is still no sign of cleavage, its all very tasteful & the monoboob has been dissolved nicely. 

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