Friday, October 18, 2013

The smartest floral dress ever.

A very smart plus size dress at Target, $50.
Available now.

1. In daily life, a dark background always looks more expensive than a light background.

2. Add a mid size floral in bright colours & it can suit any body type.

3. Ensure it has fluttery sleeves which cover our jiggly bits.

4. The scoop neckline will suit both big & small boobs.

5. There is no definite waist, merely 2 pieces of fabric sewn on each side to act as belt loops. These can be unstitched & re-sewn depending on whether you are short or long waisted. 

6. The self belt can be replaced by a classy leather belt.

7. The skirt is made up of soft pleats which ease over lumps & bumps & dont add bulk. 

8. Its fully lined.

9. Its 100% polyester so its easy care.

10. A floral dress is a summer staple.

Available in sizes 16 to 26.

Run, dont walk.

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