Thursday, October 3, 2013

10 Ways with Tailored Shorts

Firstly, if you're expecting leather short pictures, forget it.
This is about tailored shorts & there is very little in leather that fits that bill. If you want leather shorts, that's tomorrow's 10 Ways.

Conservative office environments like banking and law would be struggling to accept short suits, even on casual Friday, even if knee length. 

TIP: Even if your peers are wearing short suits, avoid them if your superiors are not. Remember, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

In the creative office environments, its game on for shorts. 

1. Blue

A sea blue works well to calm the eye. Just as well because we are exposing serious leg. Seersucker, microfibre, cotton are all relaxed summer options. 

Love the leopard bag & Converse.  Terrific accessory mix.

Fancy it up with a floral & suede ankle straps.

Tan accessories work beautifully with blues.

Ground sea blue with black accessories.

2. At work - the conservative office

Matched pieces, menswear prints (tweed-y, subtle plaids)
Neutral colours  think structure not soft.
To pull this off, also think pumps not sandals.

Nicole feminises the Prince of Wales check with a lavender shade.
If a short suit will work in an office, this comes close.

Tweed was good enough for Chanel. The fringing may be touch & go.

A black piece with a smart jacket will work.
Think checks, small spots.
I'd probably avoid florals unless in a very small print.
Hawaiian flowers? No  Pastel florals? No.
Since the legs are so exposed, keep the fabric subtle. At least for the office. 

Totally menswear inspired. Re-think the shoes.

A dark suit with a button up shirt. 
The sandals look great but not for those conservative offices.

3. Pastel love

4. Bright love

Notice how the slogan tee helps to make it extra youthful?

Notice how J Lo's cuffs are too tight & show strains on the fabric
from when she walks/sits etc?
Olivia's are a better width.
If you're carrying extra weight, try something in between. 

5. Neon love

6. Beige love

The chino colour invokes a casual environment.
Ignoring the boobage, notice how the fire engine red top adds a racy look?
This is why I didnt put it in the "conservative office section.
Change the top to a blouse in white & it just may work. 

7. Black & white

B&W (or navy & white) has a certain crispness which serves to dress up well. 

The dark base with contrast jacket is a slimming look.

Technically, this cuts her in half, but you can place dark/light 
so that your large bits are minimised by the dark 
& your small bits are maximised by the light. 

8. Soft & scalloped

What's important here?  No seams are straining. Nice & flowy.

9. The directional short

The shape & length for next winter & summer.
Perfect for the office but you may want to shorten it if you are petite.
Plus, dont let the hem finish at the widest part of your calf. Unless you want fat calves.

10. Let's get creative

Mandarin collars, sorbet colours, light pinstripes,
froth & lace, origami asymmetrical folds.
If your legs arent fabulous, keep the interest on top. 

Leather jacket, crisp cotton sateen shorts. 

      & there's one more....

11. Evening
Tuxedo stripes. In Navy. No top. Nailed.

The shorts may be as tight as Eva's suit, but in a
light & shiny colour, they look too tight.
What do you think?

Tailored vest suit.
Whatever you think about the colour & the fabric,
the cut certainly works. 

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