Friday, October 11, 2013

What's wrong here?

Here's the background:

A week or so ago SIA posted these photos of Sandra B & asked for opinions.

A dialogue ensued as follows:

Reader X: Love Sandy but this dress is just not doing it for me


Reader Z: Love this colour on her

Reader A: Does the fabric look a bit cheap?

Reader B: She looks amazing. Why so picky?

At that point, I replied that I would elaborate the following 


SIA:  I see a few things wrong with this one...will explain tomorrow.

Reader C: Umm what? Hottest 49yo I've seen this week, give the poor bitch a break!

Ok then.....

Facebook hid Person C's comment & Person C continued 

with more colourful language which Facebook also hid. 

Person C has since stopped reading SIA's page and I 

wouldnt expect them to come back to 

read the page/this blog as that would be opening up old 

wounds for them. 

For everyone else though, here are SIA's thoughts on 

Sandy's look.

Sandra Bullock's colouring is such that she looks BEST in 

COOL colours. These are colours with blue undertones.

She looks WORST in WARM colours. These are colours 

with YELLOW undertones.

Best? This means colour in her cheeks, blemishes reduced, 

looks well rested.

Worst? This means under eye circles enhanced, blemishes 

magnified, washed out, pale, jaundiced.

I have come to this conclusion by studying many many 

photos of her in various colours. So even with varying 

lighting, varying make up & varying backgrounds, the 

conclusion is pretty consistent & easy to spot.

So she looks better with silver near her face compared to 


Now lets look at reds....

She looks better in bluey reds rather than orangey reds.

Blue reds include rose red, burgendy or rasberry.

This is burgendy & this was a US Vogue cover.

This is orangey-red.
& George Clooney

This one is hard to pick despite all the google photos.
My calculated guess is that its bluey-red.
Even though its not burgendy, its still a COOL shade. But only just. 

This is orangey red.

This was a Vogue US cover. Its Narciso Rodriguez &
the red is definitely blue-red.

This is also a bluey red.
Or a bluey-rose red. 
See this dress on Emma Stone? Its a blue red (rasberry) & 

its not a good shade for red heads (who tend to have warm 

complexions). But this shade is perfect for cool toned 

complexions like Sandra's.

  • Now lets move onto pinks....

    A fuchsia is a cool hot pink. It would be treat for Sandra. 

    But once you start to put some warmth into fuschia and 

    it turns into a magenta.Even though 

    magenta does have aspects of purple mixed into it, the 

    yellow tones are also quite distinct.

    The shade on Sandra looks like a magenta.

    It is not her best pinky-purple shade by a long shot.

    Now look at a gown worn by Diane Kruger. Diane also has 

    cool toned complexion but with lighter colouring than 


    Diane's gown is a more toned down magenta. The fact 

    that its neckline is not as close to her face as Sandra's 

    helps to make it work. Also notice how its less intense than 

    Sandra's due to the shading of the ruffles. The moral here 

    is if you are going to wear the wrong colour, soften it & 

    lower it. So its not impacting your face as much. 

    Alternatively, put it on your bottom half or in an accessory 

    not near the face & it'll be perfect. 

    So what shade of purple is Sandra's best?

    By far the best is a royal purple - the colour you get when 

    you mix red & blue without a hint of yellow. 

    This is Bottega Veneta

    This is a Prabal Gurung

    If you like colour wheels (I do), then Sandy's best purple is 

    named purple in this wheel & what I am calling magenta is 

    in the quadrant called "red-purple". Notice how the "red-

    purple" gets warmer than the true purple?

    Issues apart from colour:

    Apart from colour, I also have a few comments to make 

    about the garment. 

    It's a really fine fabric - like a tissue silk. These are not very 

    forgiving because they are so thin. Its best if they have 

    elastene, but even then, its best of they are not used in 

    unforgiving areas. Like fitted around the bum & tummy. 

    Also look at the stitching on the doesnt look 

    smooth & fine & even. It looks rippled & cheap. Cheap. I 

    am sure its not, but it looks cheap.

    The hair? Sandra has a long face. hair down & straight, 

    with no bangs & without volume on the sides simply 

    emphasises that.

    In short, she can do better, both for colour & fit & hair. 

    I am not saying she doesnt look OK - but I dont rate others 

    on OK. I rate them on looking their personal best. For her, 

    this is not it.

    Comments welcome.


  1. Agree its not her best colour. She is in fantastic shape but in this dress looks washed out and pale. I only discovered the concept of wearing colour to suit your skin tone a couple of years ago and I now realise the clothes I get the most compliments for wearing are the ones that suit my skin tome. I'm a "cool" by the way. It has revolutionised the way I shop because now I scan the shelves for colours that suit me and start there, rather than wondering why the garment isn't "working" on me. Thanks SIA! Mrs T. Ps I'm not on FB so don't get a chance to see those posts.

  2. I always enjoy hearing from people who recognise the benefits of wearing their best colours. I find that when we wear the right colour, the compliment is "Gee you look well". When the wear the wrong colour, the compliment is "Gee that's a nice dress" or "Gee that's a nice colour"....Why dont you set up a fake FB ID, so you can see the page without compromising your identity? The blog has about half a % of the posts I do on FB. Seriously, the blog is nothing compared to my'll enjoy it. Valerie

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