Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Meet Hannah: Woman of Style in Cue

Meet Hannah.

I found her in the bathroom at the mall. 

We were both washing our hands. 

She looked amazing so I had to ask where her dress was from.

When she said Cue I asked if she worked there. The answer was yes. 

Then she lifted her arms to show me that it was a crop top & skirt. I chuckled - she had a terrific figure and could have worked a paper bag if she wanted to. She said that at her age she didn't feel comfortable in crop tops. Amen to that sister. 

Then I went off to have a cup of tea and forgot about her. 
Sorry Hannah. Forgetting about her proves that SIA isn't a stalker. Glad we got that sorted. Actually it did occur to me to ask for a photo but we were in a toilet, so the whole photograph vibe thing hadn't fully morphed. Plus she would have thought I was a lunatic and well, no one has ever thought that before about SIA, so I couldnt set a precedent, could I?   

Back to coffee. The coffee shop had mags to browse through and I was pouring through the recent Myer Emporium magazine. 

And it was then that Hannah jumped off the page. Well, actually, her outfit jumped. As far as I was aware Hannah was at planet Cue selling frocks and I had to now stalk her. She had officially become uber blog worthy.  Not just blog worthy. Uber blog worthy. 

Here is what I saw:

It was the Hannah outfit, sans bomber jacket. Which is good because we all know bomber jackets flatter no one. Sorry Cue, it's not personal. 

Aside from the midriff exposure, notice how on Jenn it's above the knee but on a normal girl, it's midi city? 
TIP: Always think about those things when you are perusing mags. 

So what happened here? 

What was fabulous about this incident was that the retailer is selling an ensemble, styled in a particular way. Cue (pardon the pun) exposed considerable midriff, cue print mixing, cue tropical island, cue cocktails, oops, getting carried away, cue very youth oriented advertisement. 

The outfit obviously resonates with Hannah but she knows herself well enough to know that isn't her look. Technically she could pull it off mind you, but she won't be happy about it. She wants to wear it HER way.

Her way is a bit more demure. That's code for less skin on show. A bit more grown up. Add the men's shoes for a funky cerebral slant on the styling. And voila. We have Hannah.  

The moral of this post is: 

Like Hannah shows us, don't feel pressured to wear pieces exactly the way the retailers presents them. Giving them your twist is what makes the look unique and gives you your wonderful personality. It's what gives you style. 

The only requirement is to know what you like & what suits you. Then look around to marry that with what's on offer at the mall (or vintage store). 

Have you done any sartorial remodelling lately? 

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