Sunday, October 12, 2014

What's your tee shirt pile look like?

What is this?

It’s SIA’s tee shirt pile.

Actually it’s one of SIA’s tee shirt piles. Don't ask. But all her tee piles look pretty much the same.

Qualifying for the tee shirt pile

To qualify for an SIA tee shirt pile, a tee must meet the following criteria:

* It fits me now. 
* I like it now. 
* The colour flatters my complexion. 
* It's clean & ready to wear now.
* It's not stained or looking like it's had better days. 

What does this tee shirt pile say about SIA’s style?

It says a lot, namely that SIA likes: 

* Clean lines & clean prints with some colour.

* Lots of white, white-white, never off white nor cream.

* Lots of navy.

* Not much black.

* Pops of colour in reds, pink, mint, blue and watermelon. Yes, watermelon is  different to red. The odd lime which I mix with red & navy, never wear alone.

* Minimal prints & mainly graphic prints including a mottled US flag tee. Can you spot it? Oh & a Mickey Mouse graphic tee in mint from Target is in there too. 

* Some spots, a few more stripes.

Note: A lot of these babies go together. 
Note: All these babies go with the rest of SIA’s wardrobe.
These are good "notes" because it’s easier to get dressed.

The funny thing is that this tee shirt pile looks pretty identical to the rest of SIA’s wardrobe.  Maybe the rest of wardrobe has more black/navy as SIA loves wearing those on her bottom half. Can you imagine how easy all this makes getting dressed in the morning?

Isn't this boring? 

Anyone saying "BORING"? I can hear you. 
It's not boring to me. Having a non red carpet life, I have always added jazz mainly with accessories. It's the cheapest way. 

The 80/20 rule

If everything goes together in your wardrobe, your 80/20 rules is likely to be an 30/20 rule or a 40/20 rule. Wearing only 30% or 40% of your wardrobe 20% of the time. That's a fabulous thing. 

Over to you readers

1. What’s your tee shirt pile look like? SIA would love to see a photo posted on Facebook.

2. How close does your tee shirt pile mimic the rest of your wardrobe?

[If you don’t wear tees, then substitute for your shirt pile, or your top pile or your dress pile. It's all the same really.]

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