Friday, October 10, 2014

Missoni 4 Oz Target - Top 10, Bottom 10 & everything in between

Target Penrith, a premium store.
That's code for they had all the loot. 

Pretty bags, huh?
Oops, that's at the end of the day.



Because you have to have a good entry level item to make the dream attainable.

a) Technically,
Leather, rose gold hardware, with leather strippy thing.
Such a cute boxed item.
If you're wondering, the leather pencil case is underneath.
b) Actually, 

The coasters (south east)
Round box, 4 heavy porcelain babies with cork base.
4 different prints.
Totally cleanable.
The other pieces are porcelain plates. 

Yes, realest is a word.

Girls twin set.
The colours, the texture, the weave.
Realest for sure. 
Same with the pink baby piece &
the apricot/orangey baby pieces. 

Same with one pale pink tank (see above photo).

Same with one black tank (at left below).


The stripes on Fido's bowl scream Sonia Rykiel.
Anything channeling two mega design houses can't be bad. 

Oh yeah bowls for Fluffy too. 
Leashes for Fido & Fluffy too. 


The espadrille was a hit. Both at Parra and Penrith. 

But don't be too fussy about the details. 

They are not fabric, some sort of synthetic, but
don't forget to protect your babies. 
Now for the non top 10 shoes....

Leather upper & lining

Leather footbed; a bit stiff

Leather footbed; a bit stiff 

Girls, all synthetic

All the grown up flip flops were $20

Nice neon straps


While it looks awful on the web site (something about being shown with long legs),
this was adorable. Silk blend.
Only for reasonably good figures though. 

Here is the monochrome playsuit, again, silk blend but it
doesn't look as fabulous as the coloured one.


The white men's shirt is outstanding.
In 100% cotton, in a beautiful weave.
You will need ironing skills, but no pain, no gain. 
7. CLASSY SCARVES - The woven ones

These were all linen/silk mixes & looked very Missoni worthy.

This one would have gone home with SIA apart from the fact that the
white was actually quite muddy/off white. It's an elegant print in a lovely fabric. 

Another silk/cotton. 

This one is so versatile with all the colours, but again,
it has warm undertones, even with the off white. 

Here she is again. 

A close up also showing the rose gold metal logo plate and the texture. 

Now for the baby cotton muslin.
Frankly I'd use these as a scarf. 
Lovely quality but an open weave, so could be delicate. 

The scarves which didnt make the top 10. 

These are all the knit (stretch) scarves. 
Loved the fact that the backs were a different print.
Didn't love that these are going to pull if you breathe on them. Far less durable than real deal Missoni, but then far more affordable. 


Nothing said more luxe to SIA than the silk/cotton sleepwear, esp the PJs and the strappy nightie.


As long as you're wearing the mock wrap full skirted dresses. 

Target is calling them "fit & flare" which is really wrong as they have a waist seam & a gathered skirt. 

If you have boobs, waist & hips, at any size, well up to s18, grab either of these. They are 10% silk. 

The ones which didnt make top 10:

The following knits are susceptible to pulls.
They are also not super forgiving. 

Please only wear this if you have a good figure. 

This one was pull city - every one of them which saw.  
Apart from the pulls, it looked amazing. 
Something about the soft salmon colour. 

This dress was a weightier knit with a separate slip. Weightier is gooder.

This is a viscose stretch dress. No slip. Nice style. 

The next few photos are of the same dress as immediately above, but in the green wave version.

Notice the dodgy sewing? Shoes up more with bright colours than with black. But you knew that. 

10. All the kid's wear. And the baby wear. 
The whole lot. 

Great fabrics, natural fibres, Cute designs. Great prices. 

Girl's playsuit in viscose. 

Surprised they kept the baby bag all black.

Love the coloured facings on the boys white shirt.


1. Knits

The knits - dresses, scarves, tops, "overcoats" etc.  
Massive pulling potential. 
Very sad given the printed ones are Missoni trademark prints. Lots of photos above.

Here are some more photo. 

The pencil skirt wasn't too bad in terms of pulling as it was a tight knit. 

A bit of an A line happening here in a rib knit.
This is probably not as sucseptible to pulls as the flat knits, but still risky. 

The green version of this top, aka, this top, looked the best.
The red & the black were a bit predictable. 

This looked lovely & would work with a back or navy wardrobe.
It had nylon in the knit, making it less likely to pull than its pure viscose sisters. 

This was LOVELY actually. Billed as a crop top with elbow length sleeves.
Loved it. But very warm in its colour. 

The top (also in red/white and green/white) looked
amazing with its matching "overcoat".
The other colours didnt have matching "overcoats". 

The pointelle cardis and tanks were alos lovely to look at, but so wide knitted & sheer. Hard to maintain. 
2. The swimwear was made of a flimsy fabric. 

Sorry, no photos...refer web. 

It was lined, but the outer fabric was very thin. 

Oh & the kaftans are lyocell. Which is code for viscose. 

Take care when laundering them. 

3. Knickers

The knickers were a very flimsy fabric and the elastic will disintegrate faster than you can say what happened to my underwear.

4. Indoor towels

The indoor towels in the black & white looked very rough. What I mean by that is that the edges of the colours going from black to white just looked fuzzy.

In contrast, the towels in the coloured wave looked much crisper in their colours.

No SIA comment on the velour beach towels. 
She couldnt be bothered undoing them. 

5. The two upright totes 

Looked a bit cheap.

The fabric was a heavy canvas, but SIA wasnt happy with it.

The handles were leather but also looked cheap & droopy in the way they were attached.

6. The silk blend pieces looked like viscose.

Let me get this clear.
Alot of the pieces were a silk/linen blend & it was slubbed & looked washed/sueded.
It looked like it was a viscose close cousin.

Now, some of the pieces in this fabric were HOT (like the playsuit and the "fit & flare" dresses). But their fabric was not a happy SIA fabric.

L to R: Pointelle cami, palazzo pant, cropped cigarette pant, playsuit

Adorable playsuit

Adorable playsuit but didnt look as good in black as it
did in the colours. 

Nice tailored short in the silk/linen blend

Like the playsuit, the web site shoes the tailored short
with longer legs than the in store version.
The in store version is also quite orangey red rather than pinky red.

On line tailored short photo. 

7. The pure silks 

The pure silks were tissue silks. That means very thin & flimsy.

Unless you iron it/steam it well after a wash. it's going to look well, alot less than smart. None of the these pieces were lined. 

I did like how the contrast was attached to the body of this loose top,
both in this one and the B&W one.
It was with stitching called fagotting - like an embroidery.

8. Acrylic madness

The throws were 100% acrylic. They looked acrylic. 
Nuff said.

9. Soft furnishings 

a) The cushions which were printed were nice. 
The ones with embroidery will pull quite easily. 
Plus you could see the ends of the threads which often were not tucked into the wrong side. Not impressed.

Most of the rectangular cushions had embroidery.
The ones with the terracotta back were harder to come by.

Loved how there was a bold & a softer version of these.
Both has waves on one side & stripes on the other. 
It would be lovely to mix bold & soft on the same couch. 
100% printed. 

b) The quilt covers & the pillowcases were a sateen finish, but lacked substance. They just looked blah. Blah is not good. 

The threadcount was stated as 300, but they just didnt feel lovely. 


10. Aussie men: Where style goes to die

a) Board shorts - Target calls them "volley shorts". 

Make it stop. This was Parramatta's display -
functional rather than in stories. 

SIA proposes that it's 1,000 times smarter to wear a tailored walk short. 
Those lovely Italians made those, but you probably didnt notice them amongst all the board/volley shorts. 

So much nicer than board shorts. In cotton. 

b) Thongs

And then they pollute women's minds, causing them to buy women's thongs.
You'd never see this in Europe. 
And maybe not in Melbourne. 

Shoot me. Now. 


Nice vases & frames

SIA loves stationery, but most of this had a PU cover & looked a bit tacky.

Loved the boxed notebook set.
Rounded corners too and a hard cover case.

Tea towels & melamine

Cute trays

Another cute tray

These were adorable.


Liked the cosmetic cases and that they had a plastic outer for easy wash down.
The bangles were nice as 
were the clear pouch gift sets (all also available in B&W)

Cotton tees for men

100% cotton jacket. Soooo much nicer than a hoodie.

The crop cigarette pant for ladies. 

The black crop cigarette pant. 

100% cotton. So Italian. Males, please buy. 

100% cotton 

100% cotton

This was the Bondi store in the afternoon from reader Belinda. 
Penrith was nothing like this. 

Reader Brooke's loot

Reader Caroline's loot + espadrilles to come

Reader Michelle's loot.
A word about where it's all made

Most of the loot was made in China. The towels were made in Bangladesh & I have a feeling so too was the bed linen (TBC).

What did SIA buy?

1. The espadrille (one of my fave pieces)
2. Two sets of coasters (love them & their presentation)
3. The wave pastel bra (feels super comfy)
4. The moulded cup bra (had the wide lace band)
5. The B&W ballet flat (because my Cavalli Target ballet flat has lived a long happy life)
6. A coloured wave teatowel (just because).

Would have loved the green ballet flat, but found that one foot which has a bunion looked very wonky against a strong pattern runs at 90 degrees to the length of the foot. 

Would have loved the B&W floral silk/cotton woven scarf, but the white was very off white.

The only thing i may go back & look at is the men's knit jacket. Because I love navy & I love textured knit jackets.

I wore the espadrille today - with white (Target) boyfriend jeans and an oversize Witchery white men's style shirt (same style as the two tone chambray shirt). Very happy with my look and the espadrilles got more than their fair share of attention. Even before I would put them in peoples' faces & say "Look, Missoni for target".

SIA would have killed to be a little girl & be able to wear the vibrant coloured twinset trimmed in B&W. 

Overall: 10/10 for Aussie Target despite the web site shenanigans. 

Most happy. Most exhausted. Shopping is such hard work.


  1. Love love your attention to detail. Great post! Mrs T

  2. Fantastic review and so far the most comprehensive I've found. I've bought all my items online. Black & white umbrella, coloured canvas tote, green wave beach bag, toiletries bag, boys navy shorts and navy/striped Tshirt. I'm most impressed with the children's range. As for the women's range, I'm sadly underwhelmed. I buy regular Missoni from overseas and I'm not sure why they've opted for these colours schemes for the Target range. Even the US Target lines had better colours and I picked myself up a cardigan on Ebay back then. So sadly I'll be staying clear of the women's clothing this time around. Elizabeth

    1. Glad you liked Elizabeth. So agree with you about the womens. And yes the colours were duller - maybe they think Aussie's arent fashion forward enough for the brighter shades? Yes, kids was great & I have readers who are petite & bought some of the girls stuff which looked really main line-like. I'd love to know how the brolly lasts...the espadrilles have made me super happy though! I'd love to have you chatting on the Facebook page - that's where most of my traffic goes....hint hint...:-)