Saturday, October 11, 2014

Meet Jenny - Woman of Style

The scene: The mess hall tables at Carlingford Court shopping centre in Carlingford. 

SIA is eating a spud (cheese & doner kebab shavings) and having a cup of tea.

A lady with a little boy sits at the table next to her. Despite being consumed by her yummy spud, she immediately sees the blog worthiness of the lady.

When she asks the lady for photos and tells her about the blog, the lady says she'll check in with hubby and come back. Her name is Jenny. 

Jenny leaves. 

At that point, SIA commiserates with her spud that she may never see Jenny again. SIA wishes she had adopted the stalking technique instead. 

Five minutes later.

Jenny comes back. With two little boys & a hubby in tow. 
SIA excited. 

Hubby was probably checking SIA didn't have two heads and wasn't running a syndicate trafficking in pretty Asian women.

All seems good. Snap, snap, snap. 

Jenny was doing the sport luxe look. 

Why does Jenny's look work?

First, Jenny is tall & slim. But her look transcends her height & figure. It can work for most women, albeit modified.

First, you need a ubiquitous white shirt. Jenny's was crisp white cotton & oversize.
Yours can be fitted, shorter, collared and in cream rather than white. It'll still work - as long as it fits you. 

I asked Jenny whether her shirt was Korean. It looked like the Korean tops SIA has discovered in Eastwood recently. 
Jenny confirmed it was from Korea, but direct Korea, not via Eastwood. 

She wore leggings. They were in a grey/brown leopard print. 
Classy print, funky shape. You can even wear jeans as an alternate. They could be skinny or bootleg (pears). They can be printed or plain. The key though is pants didnt overtake the top. They were subtle. 

Then comes the sneakers - the sneaker is the shoe for 2014 and very running after children friendly. Notice how these are not the sneakers Jenny wears to the gym? They were totally clean, had two strokes of colour on them & were her non gym sneakers. And they worked. 

The bag was a white in a mock croc - subtle but with signs of luxury. 

Then there was the grooming - subtle make up, mani in white, loose carefree waves. Deliberate loose carefree waves. 

Plus subtle status jewellery. Nothing to overtake from the sport luxe look. 

What about me/you? 

Your height, colouring & body shape will determine whether you need to tweak Jenny's look to make it appropriate for you. 

You can turn it into preppy, minimalist even biker chic. It's all possible - as long as you know what works best for your preferences and body.

Do you have Jenny's look (or a modified version) in your closet? 


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