Friday, August 23, 2013

10 Ways of fashion week street looks for ordinary girls

All these photos are from fashion weeks in Europe recently.

I consider them to be smart looks which are combinations of largely ordinary styles of clothing in which you (& I) can bum around - jeans, pants, sweater, shirt, jacket, coat etc.

But alot of the combinations are FORMULAS which have been around for ages - a trench over a dress, an animal coat, a grey flannel coat, a white jacket over back.

& before you start saying you dont wear heels & you dont roll up your pants & you dont wear your coats that long & you dont wear white pumps etc etc, FINE - TWEAK the look - wear it with flats, dont roll up your pants, wear the coat short & change the pump colour. 

Use it as inspiration rather than as a carbon copy of "style".

Dont forget to "shop your closet" - since these are largely ordinary pieces of clothing - you may already have them lurking around at home. 

 1. Shirt pop under neutrals

Anyone who wears pants can do this look.
Just vary your lengths and width (coat, jacket, pants)
so it works for your shape.
Don't like shirts? Add a tee or a top.
The shirt's pop of colour under black & camel is an easy look.
Just make sure your pop colour flatters your face.
2. Pastel leather - so 2013

Coloured leather & chunky (or not so chunky) sweater

3. Animal never dates

Animal coat, no bells & whistles. The print is enough.

4. More coats 
- slim & neutral

A long slim coat works wonders & looks good.
Be very careful with this if you are petite.

-The trench

Trench over a dress? Formula

 - Uber directional print coat

Jzooshy jacket & shoes. Pop of colour is cute.
I adore the mix of heavy coat with summer weight shoes. Very confident. Very 2013.
Our grannies would be horrified.

- Bold & graphic coat

A graphic large scale print with neutrals.
Wallflowers need not apply.

5. Head to toe pastels

Pastels x 3
Lavender, peach & pink.

6. Sweater & sweat city

Oversize sweater with faux fishing boots.
Substitute any boot or shoe.
If you are petite, take with care.
This scale of sweater is mroe your scale if you are petite.
The grey jeans with an animal sweater are a bonus part of the look.
Oh & the jacket is really directional (hello! shoulders!)
- you can tone that down.
A structured sweat top with denim. Repeat the top colour in the shoes.
Make the denim the style that flatters you - doesnt have to be flared.

7. Country pumpkin, not

A bit of a country slant but the rolled pants & lace ups put it firmly into 2013.

8. Groovy shift, toned down with black

Bright shift, black tights,  jacket & boots. Again, formula.
Or you can tone it up with colour - another formula.

 9. Short bright print jacket

Another formula look - dark skirt, tights, boots, white top, printed jacket & a
bag that picks up one of the colours in the jacket.
Oh & the hat. Optional, but very cool.
 10. White jacket over black base

Long or short, it doesnt matter - wear what flatters you.
As for the black, again what flatters you?

Try flat shoes? A slouchy bag? Wide leg pants? A vee neck top?

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