Sunday, August 11, 2013

10 Ways to rock a head scarf

A head scarf is a strong statement.
It is a huge look at the moment.
If you try any of these looks, I guarantee you, that you will feel amazingly liberated & empowered.
I have made sure to include low-key looks for those of you who think I have lost my mind. 
After all, if its good enough for baby Disick, its good enough for you. 

1 (a). complete coverage - pattern

Kourtney's leggings look like pantihose, but
baby Penelope rocks the headscarf trend.

Add extra large hoop earrings for extra large attitude.



A very exotic look on J Lo & she could be having the
 worst bad hair day & we would never know. 

Get the colours right for your complexion & sit back & let the compliments roll in.

Ashley going for a tribal/Arab look

Khloe rocking McQueen's skull scarf - love the folding on this baby

Kourtney doing the turban look

On the runway, the turban style gets a lift with monochrome flowers

This one's cheeky, don't you think?

1 (b). complete coverage - solid

Complete coverage is a bold move. 
Make it a solid & it gets bolder. 
The only requirement is that the colour flatters you like there's no tomorrow.

Even a piece of fabric from Lincraft will do.
A jersey us best, so it will hug your head.

Working the large round earrings.

Simplicity on the head allows the neck to take centre stage.

2 (a). the babushka - front knot

This look demands a 50s car.

Good thinking Agent 99.

How much do we love every element of this?

in Hermes


same scarf as below

same scarf as above

Tied ever so lightly 

Deliberate sloppy tie


2 (b). the babushka - back knot

Vegetables optional but preferable

Clipped at the back part way along the edge with the corners hanging loose

padded babooshka on QEII - not sure how she does this, but it looks great

The McQueen headscarf is a classic.

3. the headband 

Mixed prints

Simple sports luxe

Softened with a pastel sweater
Working the period look

A Missoni will always work beautifully


Boho girl

Ikat prints also say boho girl

Beach babes- one knot is more than enough

4. the headband - bow/knot in front

Satin, velvet, lace. take your pick for evening.

The Olsens working an evening headscarf during the day.

Soft florals

I think John is trying to be relaxed & boho - but
all I see are two head scarves & a very confused look

If you are low key in your style, you cant go past Eva's look. Her subtle
animal headscarf finishes the look off stylishly. 

Another low maintenance head scarf look by Eva.
Everything except the glasses & scarf are very plain.
It works beautifully.

Another easy look from Eva with the tee & headscarf laying with similar colours. 

Super easy again- jeans, white tee, plain tote & a bright printed headscarf. 

Cute knot, yes?

Bad ass with polka dots

Add a brooch, but not on  your best scarf - you wont be able to remove
the holes & the scarf will most likely have some pulls.

Colour bomb

5. the multi knot head scarf

6. the animal ears head scarf

The Daschund

The rabbit

7. ribbon scarf

Get the colour right & it's a stunning look.

Very cute, yes?

You can work animal into any look

8. the transforming headscarf

Tarty to sweatheart

Daisy Duke to playful

Librarian ro Sweet

9. the bohemian silk head scarf

Large dangly earrings, messy hair, natural make up.

Festival scarves demand a very relaxed look - but deliberate relaxed,
not uncontrolled relaxed.
Although it can look uncontrolled, it mustn't actually be.
Eva mixes ikat & tribal -boho to the max.
Eva rocking boho mixed prints

Dolce & Gabbana - high end & clashing boho

10. the status head scarf




Fit for a princess - Charlotte!

Chanel - this may be 4-5 scarves & may take some help to do!

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