Wednesday, August 21, 2013

10 Ways with Sweatpants

Tips for Sweatpants

The key to sweatpants is fit. Dont wear them baggy unless its deliberately so. Have them skim over your curves (skim, not cling). 

Next it's about styling. You dont have to wear them with elastic ankles and high waists. You can, but you dont have to. You can go for a low rise, a boot cut, a lean leg or even a drop crotch for a really directional look.

You also need to maintain "the look". Grooming & accessories are more important with traditionally casual pieces, to stop them slipping into "casual eew". 

Try any material or colour or print you can think of. 

Maintenance wise, dont treat them like the sweats you use for painting the house. Please. 

Wash them frequently (gently in cold water) so the cotton shrinks back to original size - no droopy seat or knees.

And you know what's really funny? Sweatpants are twice as easy to wear well as leggings because they dont hug to every curve.

1. Trenchcoat

The trench hides big bums. Not good for petites. Great for big bums. 

 Taupe & grey are made for each other.
Ground the look with black or navy &
this can take you to any lunch with the girls.

More neutrals with an animal shoe.

Camel, white & grey, grounded by tan. 

Any coloured trench will do the trick.

2.Tailored jacket


Neutral shoes against the grey sweat look dressy. 

With boots, she looks happy. 

A traditional riding jacket shape will always work to jzoosh it up.
Also love the belt & boots the purple shirt. 

You cant tell me you wouldnt wear this my friends?
3. Sporty bands or side stripes

4. Cropped

Cute tee,, bow in hair, fun comfy sandals. How cute!

Fine knit tucked in, waistband rolled & exposed.
In a pastel.

Loose oversize tee worn over, but
not too long so it looks sloppy. 

This time its a cropped jacket! 
With boots, belt & scarf to pull it together. 
Why not?

5. Drop crotch

A brave look, but can look amazing!

6. Total comfort

100% knits on sweats


Sweats on sweats with a belt & boots to pull it together.
This is Hannah McGibbon, a former Chloe designer, after Stella McCartney.

Matchy matchy but what an impact with colour!

More matchy matchy with animal shoes & tan accents.

7. With a sweater

The sweaters with colours and/or texture work best to amp up a sweatpant.

Duo fabric sweatpant. Definitely not for painting the house.

8. In leather or with leather

9. With fur

Good enough for Christine Centenera? Good enough for us.

10. With denim (or chambray)

Anyone who tells me there is nothing here for them, is lying. IMO!

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  1. Sorry Val but I'm a sweatpants are strictly for couch days or walking the dogs kinda gal!
    The only look I could see myself in is the leather version, but I've tried loose leather pants and they don't work on my petite frame adding about 10 kilos in one foul swoop of loose leather, lol!