Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 Ways with Pleated Skirts

I am not talking about the gaberdine wide box pleat sewn down version ours mums wore to go shopping at David Jones in the city. No my mum didnt do that either, but you get my drift. 

Pleated skirts started with Prada, Miu Miu & Valentino & are more sunray (slightly narrower at the waist & graduating to a touch wider at the hem), fine fabric (polyester, silk etc) without any sewn down parts.

Here's the Prada SS 2012 inspiration...

Best part? 
They are great for most body shapes including petites.
If you are petite, keep the length short & not anywhere near the floor. 

1. Shock 'em colours


2. Ice cream shades

3. Classic navy (or any dark colour)


Notice how the pleats are narrower at the top & at hip level, they automatically get wider,
(rather than graduating to wider)? This is a good way to control bulk around the tummy.

4. Sweater or sweatshirt

Not sure how she is managing to keep it assymetrical,
as half tucking in wouldnt be a wise idea (due to the bulk).

5. Beige loves white

Accents in leopard & red.

With black accents & a cotton or linen shirt.
Be careful. Linen has alot of body & if tucked in,
may add too much bulk in the waist area.

Ooh! Leopard sandals with sox.

6. With fur

7. With that denim jacket, always a denim jacket

8. With a paper bag waist 

This is a good one for those carrying weight around their middle. Lift the skirt up your ribcage to the narrowest part of your torso. Cinch with a 2 cm wide leather belt for a more sophisticated look.

9. With a leather jacket

10. Preppy style

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  1. Love the middle pic from #3! Always been a lover of pleats but have to admit have found this style difficult in the past, I think a quality waist design in very important here. Know what I mean?!