Tuesday, August 13, 2013

10 Ways with Coloured Balenciaga Bags

The beauty of the motorcycle Balenciaga bags is:

1. A huge variety of shapes/sizes, of which I am showing the most popular day bags here; 
2. A huge variety of colours; 
3. A serious cool factor; and
4. The leather is very durable & gets better with wear.

This post is made with the assistance of Nicole Ritchie, who probably has the most extensive B bag collection in Hollywood. Thank you Nicole. 

1. Rose Pink

ooh, this B bag has a little cousin

2. Magenta

3. Purple

Contrast is the game here

4. Red

Matching the lippy is the game here

Mix it with lace to soften the look

5. Maroon

6. The Blue family

- Aqua

- Powder Blue

little Ashley, fashion mogul, incognito

- Mid Blues

7. The green family

- Lime

Love the contrast here

- Turquoise

Turquoise loves camel 

Florals love Balenciaga bags

- Olive Green

A bit of a cacky colour, but works surprisingly well as a neutral accent

Dont mind the lycra bum on the left but neon loves a B bag

8. Yellow

Metallic flats & a paisley head scarf

Bright florals love bright B bags

Terrific pop

The age old formula - bright bag against black & you cant get any brighter than yellow.

Aunty Kim gifted niece Penelope a baby Balenciaga for XMAS 2012

9. The brown family

10. The non colours

White technically is a colour, but I had to bundle it into the "non colours" so this post could remain "10 Ways" and not "11 Ways". 

- White

- Black

Do we have all the B bag colours covered?

Not by a long shot!

And we'll do the prints & textures on another day as they are worth a whole other blog...or five...

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