Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Classic with a 2011 edge

These days style seems to be about "more is more".

Me? I have always prefered minimalism in my clothes with 1 stand out accessory.
I have never been able to layer & layer & pile up baubles despite what the fashion press says.

So I "get" Diana Vreeland's statement, "elegance is refusal".

I saw recent pictures of Princess Letizia of Spain and boy, oh boy do I now have a smug look on my face.

These two photos say it all.

Simple colours, simple shapes,

classic, yes, but with a 2011 edge,

* the chunky shoes
* the cropped pants, with narrow ankles
* pleats at waist creating fullness at the hips

I adore this woman's style.

PS: This is the princess with Carla Bruni Sarkozy - she is at the left of the photo below. I love this photo too!

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