Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Should I or shouldnt I?

These Marni cuties are from one of my favourite designer recycled stores.....

They are AU$300 & never worn, except for press photos.

They are in pristine condition, fit perfectly and need a loving home.

The box & stuffing & all tissue is included (I ADORE the packaging of designer treats).

Classic Marni as only Consuela Castiglioni can do - non conventional (is it a shoe? is it a bootie?)....does it have laces? ......no silly!.......wow, it has little holes & a very unusual heels....

Their colour is a mix of dark blush pink, camel and a tinge of orange. Sounds weird, but they work perfectly as a year round neutral.

The eye movement is definitely vertical on these little girls. That means they are leg lengthening & that means they are slimming. Woo hoo!

They are not as camel-y as these photos imply although the middle photo front on view shoe shows the blush tint quite well.

Pretty sure they are AW 2010/11 (southern hemisphere AW 2011).

Oh, & I love the sturdy but Amazonian heels - practical yet wow!

Having some serious financial issues ATM, causing me to have screaming matches with the bank manager on a weekly basis (hahahaha, just joking).....but should I or shouldnt I?

Please weigh in dear readers, I need your guidance.

PS: I'll be posting a detailed blog on the best designer recycled stores in Sydney (including this one) very shortly.

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