Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jac+Jack warehouse & sample sale

I went to the Jac+Jack warehouse and sample sale this morning.

Purely for research purposes of course. So that I can blog about it and provide a community service announcement for shoppers.

It was the first day and it was starting at 8 am.

So I arrived at the city end of Oxford St at 6.45 am - see how devoted I am to my followers? I was there early to make sure I could get in first for YOU dear readers.

PS: The traffic was a breeze and I found (non meter) parking nearby which started at 9 am (which meant I didnt have to get back to the car til 10 am), but that had noting to do with my early start.

Slight problemo - I couldnt see any signs up - and i was seriously wondering whether I had arrived on the date wrong. Hmmmm....

So I went and got a cuppa and breakfast across the road at pie face. It was freezing BTW.

At around 8.20 am, two girls walked out of a non descript door and put up a poster and a sandwich board....thank heaven!!!! I found it.

By 7.45 am, about 8 girls were waiting - most were city workers taking advantage of the early start time (tick -very handy for the office girls).

By 8am - around 20 ladies walked in.

The loot

Lets just say the sale was fabulously stocked and that is an understatement.

We saw mens & ladies wear.

Ladies loot

Pretty scarf rainbow- my weakness.......

& jewellery and accessories (on left)

also showing the cushions and throws on left & on low table

Mens loot

There was summer and winter stock.
Loads of colours & all the natural tones the brand is known for.

I'd estimate that the mens was 40% of the stock, womens was 50% and homewares was 10%.


Samples were dispersed amongst the main racks.

I ADORE samples.

PS: I love samples because they are generally made better than production items. In theory, the production should be the same quality as the sample - but since samples are used as the "model" from which production occurs, and made within the head office in conjunction with the design team, in practice, they can often have a better quality than the outsourced production.

There was also a rack of Philipa K (a Scandinavian brand which Jac+Jack used to distribute with a similar aesthetic of simplicity and quality).

Prices - rock bottom!!!! WOO HOO!

There were scarves, tops and bottoms for $10 - loads of them, in many colours and styles.
Ladies cotton tees originally $100+ were down to $30, pure cashmere singlets for $80 from $300, pure cashmere sweaters for $180 from $380, silk dresses for $80 from $300+, pure cashmere thick jackets for $300 (normally $600)....

I know some of these prices may see like alot, but the fabrics used by Jac+Jack are top of the line, super soft and feel wonderful against the skin.

The way I see it, especially on the pure cashmere items, you will be wearing it forever and cost per wear (CPW) will plummet accordingly over time. And you feel wonderful in it.

Minimalist & transeasonal - the thing I love about Jac+Jack stuff is the minimalist slant & the easy way it all can be worn back against each other and other things already in your wardrobe.
This type of versatility just helps reduce CPW further.

What else was great about the Jac+Jack sale?

* Well lit (both change rooms and stock area)
* Plenty of staff
* Decent sized change room & racks/mirrors
* Fabulously organised stock
* Great eye level signage of the various groupings of merch (love that word we use in the "biz")
eg: pure cashmere, summer tops, winter tops, winter pants, scarves, mens shirts, mens tees, anyway I am sure you get the picture.
* Stroller friendly (through the back door)

This photo from the web showing Lisa "Jack" Dempsey (right) and Jac Hunt (left), the owners.
Smart, lovely ladies.

What did I buy?

I was there to scout for you my dears...not in any way for my own selfish purposes.
But if I was to buy something, it was 2 tees ($30 each), a Philipa K dress ($80 originally a $500 spend) and a cotton scarf with pom pom tassels ($60).

My recommendation

Go, dont walk, run, fast.
Its on til Monday, but the sooner you go, the more likely you'll get the better stock in colours and sizes.

Have a look at their Facebook page (Jac+Jack) for the hours & exact location.

What's next?

Premium cashmere brand Banjo & Matilda - starts this Saturday.
Stay tuned for another blog on Sat afternoon.

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