Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shopping haul - books

Sadly Angus & Robertson is closing down in Australia.
Most of the stores reached savings of 85% of RRP today via the administrator's sale.

I was at Castle Towers at Castle Hill today & saw a gazillion people in the store, the shelves almost very bare, so I went in to see what was there for me.

I spent $30 on an RRP of $191 - serious shopping prowess!

Here is what I got:

Next to clothes & girly stuff, the other thing i love, love, love is books about clothes and girly stuff & the occasional self help title.

Normally my ration of fashion books to everything else books is very high, but in this case, I just grabbed what was there that was remotely appropriate....

Oh & the reason most of them look shiny is because I have covered them in plastic, like you did with your books at school.

This one isnt for me - its for a friend - why i covered it in plastic is beyond me.....just a habit I guess.....

I intend to review a couple of these on this blog - if you want particular ones reviewed, just shout!

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