Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zara in Queen Street mall, Brisbane

Today the Australian Financial Review has reported that Zara is now looking to open a store in Queensland.

Apparently the preference is for at least 800 sq meters (Sydney store is 1,400 & Melb store is 1,900 sq mt) and on the Queen St mall (which is the super prime spot, with already hi end retailers like LV, Tiffany, Swarovski & apparently Chanel is due to open soon in the Colonial Queen's Plaza).

Zara is negotiating for rent based on turnover (given the weaker Qld conditions), suggesting from previous deals that 15% for two years, then a lower rate after that, may be ball park.

The other possibility just outside the Queens St mall is just outside of it, where Borders recently closed down, which is now a vacant three flight frontage.
All I can say, is bring it on for our Brisbane sisters!

Til next time lassies,


  1. Queen Street, Brisbane?? Not Adelaide.

  2. Silly me! For some reason I had Rundle Mall in my head & the Adelaide slipped in - thank you for the pick up. Val