Sunday, July 10, 2011

The impact of a stylist

Bea's doing it.

Lord, Westfield's doing it and so has Myer.

DJ's is about to start doing it.

In Bea's case he costs $2,300 per day.

In our case, with DJs, Myer, Westfields, a half hour session can be free.

What am i talking about?

Using a stylist to get a better look.

Whether its for one occasion or a few pieces or one item, you tell them about your lifestyle and they bring you a short list of items to pick from. There is no obligation to buy, ever.

TIP: Stylists associated with particular shopping centres or stores can have a tendency to subtley "push" you toward certain retailers. make sure you have a good rapport and trust whoever you use - and ideally that they dont have any biases/affiliations.

Back to Bea:

Apparently after much critism of Bea's royal wedding look, she has hired a stylist, Charlie Anderson, the former fashion director of the UK Tatler magazine to, er, assist her with her look.


PS: She's the one with the uterus/toilet seat on her head.


Elie Saab couture at Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball

OMIGOD! couture! Rockin' it girl!

& the Fergs and Eug dont look half bad either (in black Escada & red Vivienne Westwood)

& here is the Elie Saab runway look from Spring 2011....breathtaking...

More After:

At the May 2011 Chelsea Flower Show in Roland Mouret....

Eug also looked pretty good at the Flower Show......wonder if they are sharing tips......

PS: Notice a resemblance to Pippa's bridesmaid's dress?

& Cameron's 2010 Globes dress?

They are Alexander McQueen.

Photos: Getty


  1. I would love many an Elie Saab to get married in! So beautiful.

  2. The thing I love about his stuff Crystal is that its beautiful (no "weird fashiony" pieces) & has a light as air ethereal quality to it (no structure, soft & floaty). Not sure if its illegal to call Elie Saab gowns "stuff"....hahahaha.

    One in particular took my breath away recently - Emma Watson in a knee length, pale blue....i dont think it got the attention it deserved cos it wasnt floor length......I'll post a photo if you dont recall which one i mean...Val

    PS: I've always been a Valentino girl myself...simple girl, like you....hehehe