Friday, July 15, 2011

Figure va va voom - Nicole Kidman

Look at Nicole Kidman at a recent New York screening of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

She is in Elie Saab Resort Resort 2012 and her figure in particular looks amazing.

The dress emphasises her bust (beautifully) and gives her lovely curves around her hips.

Nicole is a stick figure, but with this dress, you'd never (ever) know.

We all know with photography, sometimes we can be deceived. But in this case the loveliness has nothing to do with the angle, nor the pose. Its simply a matter of having chosen the right dress for the body.

It gives Nicole curves where she definitely has no curves.

Dear readers, this is one of the mantras of "Style into Action" - that the right clothing will highlight your good bits and minimise your bad bits.

If you understand your body shape (know thyself), you can shop with this mantra in mind to produce very flattering results.

The mantra also gives you the strength to stay away from trends that arent suited to you, no matter how hard those shop assistants are pushing you.

Keep this photo of Nicole in your mind when you shop - I know I will be.

PS: Here is Elie's Resort 2012 look book photo of the same dress.

And a couple more photos from the same collection....dont be surprised if you see red, beige, black stripes in a few of the high street retailed Down Under for next summer.

another one I like, nicely translated with a cover up.....

Photos from Elie Saab
Photo of Nicole from Coco Perez

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