Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Today's Style Tip: The best dress ever

When I saw Karlie Kloss wearing this Calvin Klein number at a Chanel dinner in Tribeca back in April, I filed it in my memory bank because I new there would be a time to showcase it on the blog.

This dress is timeless.

Also, believe it or not, its A line shape works for real people (but with a couple of adjustments to take into account that we are not teenage super models like Karlie). 

Firstly, lower the hem - generally the most flattering length is at or just above the knee.

Second, make it a darker colour (pale colours white especially in satin (which reflects light) can be very unforgiving). Darker doesnt necessarily mean black. It can be navy, chocolate, burgendy, charcoal, even forest green. Nothing too loud & garish.

Thirdly, if you have an ample bosom, bring the neckline down to a scoop shape.

Fourthly, if you dont like your arms, have it made with an elbow length sleeve.

You will have it forever and you'll keep reaching for it again & again.

Its simplicity means no-one is going to remember it as the dress you wore last time.

Its simplicity means you can jazz it up with accessories to make it different every time - brooch, statement earrings, collar, shrug,  statement necklace etc.

I wouldnt put a belt with it - it would just ruin the line.

Oh & did I tell you, that the A line will hide all manner of sins and will work for voluptuous or petite ladies too?

& it reminds me of this one....

Jacki Onassis circa late 60s

and this one.....

Jean Shrimpton, at the Melbourne Cup in 1965

Too easy, yes?

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