Saturday, July 28, 2012

Today's style tip: You love black, but does it love YOU?

Most of us love black (or the equivalent - like navy, chocolate, bottle green, charcoal).

Its slimming, sophisticated & stylish.

I am not telling you anything you dont already know! 

But do you know black (or any dark colour) near your face is very detrimental to your complexion?


3 reasons:

1. It creates dark shadows in lines & wrinkles.

2. As we age, our colouring softens and dark colours near the face create a harsh effect.

3. Even when we are young, half the population is quite fair (think the typical freckled red head & the peaches & cream blonde) - dark colours like black are way too harsh for these complexions.

So what do we do to gain the slimming effect of black but to eliminate the detrimental effect near our face?


#1: Dont wear high collars which cover up your decolletage.

#2: Ditto boat necks, turtle necks, crew necks.


Check out the box of three dresses on the right of the above photo. 

Sometimes you CAN wear black up high - when the pattern or fabric or style creates a distraction from the black.

On the right side, in the box, the polka dots create a terrific distraction. So too does the halter neck with the exposed shoulders. The shirt dress on the right uses both the tricks of unbuttoned shirt & halter style.


#1: Wear vee necks or scoop necks to show some decolletage.

#2: Unbutton the first few buttons of your black shirt to show some decolletage.

#3: Wear a peter pan collar in a white which creates light & movement near your face.

#4: Wear a white shirt on top & a black skirt/pants.

TIP: Always make sure the shade of white you are wearing is the right shade for your complexion -  whether its stark white, off white, cream or pearl. If you dont do this, the whole impact of the white near your face is negated.

#5: Add sparkly or colourful jewellery or pearls around your neckline.  Please make sure the pearls are the right shade of white.

#6: If you have a short neckline, doubly heed this advice.

#7: Substitute other dark colours for black (navy, charcoal, bottle green etc). They will give you the elegant slimming effect, but will be less harsh to your lovely face. 

My experience:

I have always had a love affair with black & navy. But in my mid 30s I noticed it was not in love with me. That's when I started to modify my necklines & wear more white near my face.

Is this something you have experienced?

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