Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nina Proudman loves a long skinny scarf from David Jones

If you are interested in Nina Proudman style scarves that are:

* available locally, 
* available NOW & 
* you can play with them in store so you can make a more confident decision on whether they suit you ........

- then go no further than two brands which I found in the David Jones stores.

#1: The Two Mrs Grenvilles

#2: Lettuce (Your Scarf. Your Scene.)

The Two Mrs Grenvilles does plain coloured  long soft scarves every season. These are very Nina like.
I have seen them in many colours - but this was what was left at Castle Hill a few days ago. 

Normally $30, now reduced to $20.

Another view.

Lettuce scarves in vibrant florals $40

More Lettuce scarves - in particular, the three on the left with the small prints are  really boho, due to their  varying size flowers. See the close up pictures below.

Remember Nina in her butterfly (Zara) scarf?

Well, David Jones has butterfly scarves too!

The crinkly effect adds to the boho feeling.

I spent time sorting through the reduced tables & found quite alot of scarves which are bohemian florals, plain crinklies. 

Everything on these tables was $20 - $30.

The magenta one twisted into a long piece is the same as The Two Mrs Grenvilles scarves in the first couple of photos - that's how they arrive before people try them on.

More scarves I folded for my photographing pleasure. Notice the  salmony one  with the paw prints in the centre?  very Nina like colours. 

The folded scarf has gorgeous soft tones - if you have Nina colouring, it would be perfect.

Oh and these paisleys were at Sportscraft  - very boho, very Nina.

Finally, I couldnt find The Two Mrs Grenvilles web site (go figure! if you can find it, please let me know)

However I did find the Lettuce site.

Interesting thing is only one of the Lettuce scarves I saw in store was on the site...shows you how fast collection move these days - maybe you now get a gist of why we can never find Nina's clothes b/c filming is done 6-12 months before the show is screened.

On the Lettuce site, go & check out scarves:

Boho story - Boho Button 
Boho story - Boho Frill
Juju story - Sunset
Juju story - Summer Flutter
Juju story - Creme Freiche

Do you think they too are Nina like? I do!

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