Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today's Style Tip: Today is Big Arm Day.

We are going to run through some quick tips about the types of clothing that flatters big arms as well as the type of clothing that big arms should stay away from.

Tops - avoid:

Cap sleeves - the diagonal of the sleeve sits at the fleshiest part of the arm & makes it look, well, fleshier.

Sleeveless tops & sleeveless straight dresses

Halterneck tops - too bare and hence expose the fleshy arms too much

Puffy short sleeve shirts - no, no, no.

Spaghetti straps - no, no, no.

Boob tube style tops or dresses - no, no, no.

Tops - go for:

3/4 length sleeves which create a smooth line down your arm.

Long sleeves, just make sure they arent super tight as that will emphasis the fleshy bits.

From left to right, Octavia's sleeves get less and less flattering.
At left the 3/4 sleeve is terrific. In the middle, the short sleeve is great....but notice how the cap sleeve on the right just looks the worst of all three gowns for Octavia? As for Keira, a strapless type dress on skinny arms, just doesnt look great - too much exposed skinny flesh.

Cuffs on long sleeve shirts that arent too tight. Anything that isnt tight creates the illusion of extra room underneath. Great rule!

Bell cuffs or fluted sleeves on a long sleeve (or 3/4 sleeve) shirt or dress - these draw the eye down from the fleshy part of your upper arm, balance the upper arm out and create a slimming line (kinda like boot leg jeans for chunky thighs).

A puff at the shoulder seam on a long sleeve shirt

Medium to large prints on your upper body - these detract from the fleshy upper arm.


When your arms are exposed, avoid chunky bangles (even if you are big boned). The reason is because the chunkiness will hide the slimmest part of your arm - the wrist. 

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