Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today's Style Tip: The power of alterations


If your clothes dont have good fit, then you dont have style. Period.

Sleeves need to be at the right length. Shoulder seams at the right place. 
Back vents shouldnt be sticking out from your body. 
Pant pockets shouldnt be mistaken for elephant ears. 
Skirts and pants should have ease that allows a finger to be inserted comfortably between the fabric and your body.
Blouse buttons shouldnt be doing peek-a-boo.
Seams shouldnt be rippling or straining.
Buttons should be attached securely and not missing.
Do I need to go on?

Please dont get hung up on sizes.

Always take your size into the change room, but also take one size up & one size down. 

Then relax. Clothes aren't meant to fit perfectly off the rack. After all everyone who is a size 14 has a different body shape - there is no way all size 14 people can fit into the off the rack size 14. And everyone who is a size 16 has a different body shape - there is no way all size 16 people can fit into the off the rack size 16. Get it?

The simple solution is to buy pieces that fit the largest part of your body and have them altered for the smaller parts of your body.

And dont balk at the price.

By paying a little extra to have your clothes fit your body means you'll wear them more often because you end up feeling better about how you look in them. Hence cost per wear (CPW) reduces.

How to find a good alterations place?

Go to the better stores in your city & ask who they use.

When trying out an alterations place, give them something small to do, like a hem or sleeve before you trust them with your Chanel suit.

Need recommendations within Australia? 

Just ask me.

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