Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today's Style Choice: Which style is more YOU?

Warning: This post contains images from the AW 2013 collections. For you southern hemisphere girls, that NEXT winter. The fast fashion retailers like Zara & Topshop are already manufacturing "inspired" versions based on these collections. In the mean time, shop your closet & see if you have anything similar. Whatever you do, hang onto it - now is not the time to sell it on ebay.

Back to the post.....

I have been posting a daily style choice on my Facebook page, for over a month now and I am thrilled with the comments and reader interaction I am receiving from it.

My intentions with the daily style choice were originally three fold.

Intention #1. To make you aware of the different styles (or looks) that clothing and accessories can invoke. Eg: Boho, dramatic, romantic, natural, ecclectic etc.

Intention #2. To make you more aware of your own preferred style. In fact, in most cases, women have a mixture of two preferred styles.

Intention #3. By being more aware of what is your style preference & what ISN'T your style preference, you will make wiser shopping decisions. 

Wiser shopping decisions mean your purchases will sit within your preferred style preference and will co-ordinate with each other and save you money in the long term.

If there is anything else you want from the daily style choice, please let me know.

However, as per usual though, I am still thinking of ways to make the daily style choice better, or more useful for you!

What I have noticed sometimes is that alot of readers love to notice the detail of the photos and reject photos which dont have every element to their liking even though the overall style projection of the photo may in fact be "their thing". 

So for example, if I compare a green boho maxi with a more tailored red dress, someone who hates red but is tailored & structured will pick the green boho dress over the red structured dress. In reality though, their wardrobe isnt boho at all. So in that case, I failed in my intention #2 and I may well have confused the reader with respect to intention #3. Fail, Val, fail!

So - I have a new plan going forward.

Instead of comparing one photo with another, I will try to show you a number of garments in each style choice. That way the emphasis will be on the overall style of the photos, rather than small details in any one garment.

Here is the first comparison under the new plan.

Autumn Winter 2013

This is Autumn Winter 2013 for French design house Nina Ricci (top) and Belgium designer Dries Van Noten (bottom).

Nina Ricci's collection has a romantic nostalgic slant, almost like something from granny's attic.

Dries Van Noten has a dramatic and exotic collection with large prints & strong contrasting colours.

Which of these styles would be closer to the contents of your wardrobe?

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