Saturday, July 7, 2012

My favourite knickers

Left bum? or Right bum?

Look carefully at the above bums.

Same woman, same day, same time, same outerwear, no styling tricks.

Which bum do you prefer, assuming you had to pick one?

I hope you said Right bum!


It has smoother lines due to invisible underwear.

Left bum has all the imprints of the knickers underneath and the knickers are grabbing her flesh making it look like a sausage.

& so here is the start of this post.......

My favourite knickers?

I am not talking about sexy, alluring gorgeous lace French and Italian sets.

I am talking about the day to day practical, these make my life easy & I can put them on & go, favourite knickers. 

In this post, Favourite = Easy & flattering.

Nor am I talking about your favourite style, such as bikini, full brief, boyleg, g string.  We'll cover those sort of choices in other posts. 

What I am talking about here is knickers that dont cause the dreaded fashion faux pas, VISIBLE PANTY LINE (cue Jaws theme please).

After all, do you want to look like this?

or this?

oh dear, besties...or this?


No matter how attractive the clothes, the person, the look, VPL makes everything look icky & horrible.

Even famous (stylish) people occasionally fall guilty of this crime....

Just like a building needs a good foundation, so too your clothes need the right foundation garments.

The right foundation knickers for your clothes should be INVISIBLE.

Look at how lovely this looks....whether the bum is a size 8 or a size 20, the knickers need to be .......INVISIBLE....

Invisible knickers have two main benefits:

Firstly they creates a smooth line flush with your body - ie: they don’t detract the eye from the lines of your body and the lines of your clothes.

Secondly they avoid any grabbing of flesh (sausage effect...ew!) which visible knickers can do – this grabbing just makes you look fatter than you should - & most of us don’t don’t that!

Even if you are wearing denim, the wrong knickers will show through and lead to VPL.

So how do we find invisible knickers?

Lucky for us the manufacturers have caught onto this consumer need & most have at least one version of invisible knickers available in their range.

What you need to looks for is a no hem, no elastic, no stitching around the leg, not even overlocking, no matter how tiny it is.

This means the leg needs to be laser cut. This means cut like a scissors would cut the fabric (but the laser method means it wont fray)

Here is a Bonds version - they call it "no show".

Notice though this Bonds version has a side seam - if your clothing is fine and a light colour (eg: silk dress), you may show a small bump on the side from the side seam......they also have the Bonds elastic on the top - the seams attaching this can be visible depending on the for thought.....

Avoid at all costs:

Anything like these.....

or these.....

You may think the leg elastic is subtle, but the VPL takes no prisoners. Stay away form these babies if you want to avoid VPL.

Definitely stay away from these.....the thick elastic reminds me of school cotton tail undies......

Stay away from these too - the elastic may look friendly - its not.

How about these?

Whilst they are designed to shape the bottom, the 1 cm inner band of similar fabric still acts as a sausage creator. A mild sausage creator, but a sausage creator nevertheless. 

In any case, they are designed as a bottom shaper, not as an invisible knicker. My suggestion though is that these would work with jeans - due to the combination of thick outer fabric & mild sausage creation.

Finally - here are my personal favourites - laser cut legs, laser cut top, no elastic, no overlocking, no edge stitching....ta-da....

From Target - the "Invisiblebody" range.....

They also have no side seams - only the back seam. Since you back curves inwards, it is unlikely that the seam will ever be visible.

Sized 8 - 18

Colours include white, light nude (shown), dark nude, black.

Styles include full brief (shown), bikini, boyleg.

They last for ages & there is never the problem of elastic disintegrating or stretching out.

If you have time, go to any discount store or department store & look at all the invisible knickers - just to get a feel for what's out there. After doing that, I came back to Tar-jay - they may not be a fancy brand, but their value for money is terrific.

My tip:

We all have "blah" knickers for that time of month or when we simply run out of our other knickers. Well invisible knickers can be worn on "blah" days too.

Get rid of all your "blahs" and replace them with invisibles. 

So you'll never have the problem of your invisibles being in the dirty laundry basket when you need them - because even the knickers in your ready to wear drawer will be invisible!

You're forcing yourself to have the right knickers on hand, because after all, even the best intentions of doing the washing on time dont get executed sometimes.

PS: Go back to the very first photo....look even closer....even the right bum has mild VPL on the lady's right bum cheek....I am sure you picked that up though & now know to avoid that look.


  1. Thanks for a great blog post! I agree, sometimes it's the little things!! I am off to Tar jay tomorrow as its long overdue!!

  2. Twat. VPL thankfully is as alive today as it's always been, we don't need idiots trying to impinge on one of the few simple pleasures in life.