Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today's Style Tip: Read this before you buy anything ever again

I want you to do me a favour.

If you are interested in value for money and longevity in your clothes & accessories, please never ever, ever buy anything again unless you can tick off all the following criteria:

1. Does it fit and flatter by body, not just the body I wish I had?

2. For any of the parts near the face, does the colour flatter my complexion?

3. Am I dying to put it on NOW?

4. Would someone who sees me on the street think, "She looks great!"

5. Will I want to wear this next month, next season, next year.

No exceptions, ever.

Buy for the life you have, when you dont need the item, so that its ready for when the occasion arises.

If you have an event coming up & you truly desperately need to buy something that doesnt satisfy all the above criteria, STOP. DON'T DO IT. 

Your fall back position? Always plan ahead in case the stores have things which dont suit you (which will be the case most of the time) - get it altered, borrow or shop your closet. Yes, it may take time & effort, but it sure beats a wardrobe of clothes which dont make you look your best.

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