Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today's Style Tip - Light colours enhance, dark colours detract.

I am sure you have heard that in order to make a room appear larger, you should paint it white (or a very light colour).

In fact, I am sure a few of you have done this...hands up please?

The same goes for clothing.

Tip: If you want to accentuate or enhance a part of your body, place a light colour near it.

Tip: If you want to detract from a particular part of your body, place a dark colour near it.

Big bum? Wear dark pants/skirt & a light top.

Small bum? Wear a dark top & light bottom.

Big boobs? Wear dark top & light bottom.

Small boobs? Wear a light top & dark bottom.

Beautiful skin/face? Wear light colours around your neck. 

Big waist? Dont wear a light coloured belt.

Get the drift? Great.

These rules are not set in stone - they are guidelines. Obviously each person has more figure issues than just a big bum or small boobs etc. Further, there are other ways to enhance or detract from big bums, small bums etc etc. But I dont want to overload you - one style tip at a time. 

See you tomorrow for another style tip.

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