Monday, June 6, 2011

2011 MTV Movie Awards - Best & Worst

No extensive coverage this time! Just two looks. I think that they speak for themselves.

The bullet train - Blake Lively in Michael Kors.

This is off the charts for "lovely".
Yes, she has just had a nude photo scandal and this dress shows serious
form (more so than skin).
On her, it all works.
I also love the shoes!

Close up on the bangles - a bohemian touch, maybe a la Serena!

Little PS: I wish my underarms showed so little sweat when I attended red carpet events! Must be that Botox they inject to neutralise the glands....Note to Self: Try that...Hahahaha!

The train wreck - Amanda Byrnes in Herve Leger.

The hair looks Rapunzel-ish
She looks pudgy in the dress & it cuts her off.
The shoes, whilst beautiful, dont seem to be in harmony with the rest of the outfit - hey, situation normal!

The black quilted bag looks so off and what on earth is she doing with a cream cuff on her wrist? I know they are both Chanel, but seriously, Coco would turn over in her grave if she saw how that are worn here.

Little PS: I cant figure out where the ring is from....probably a good thing for no designer to own up to it, when worn in this way.

Am I being too harsh?

Big PS: Here is the photo that sets the women's movement back about 5,000 years. Hate, hate, hate.

Photos from Red Carpet Fashion Awards & Getty Images.

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