Friday, June 17, 2011

Zara - replenishing stock - sizes

If you're looking for specific sizes in specific Zara stock and you've been keeping an eye out for weeks, read this post. You may be better off using your overseas contacts to buy from the US site - my story follows.....

My little Zara spy in the Sydney store indicated that the Sydney store is now receiving 5 shipments a week due to he tremendous demand - "everything Spain can push out" was specifically quoted. I have previously quoted this in this blog.

Well, I was looking for a Large (in the Sydney store) of the following blazer for close to 6 weeks now....

This baby is 100% cotton pique, fully lined, in the right shade of fuschia for my complexion (cool undertones). Thrilled & definitely stalking it.

I love the faux buttonholes on the cuffs.

I love the pin stitching on the lapels - whilst these are done by machine (not by hand), its a sign of a better quality garment.

These are all designer details - you dont normally see them on the Aussie high street at the likes of Witchery, Country Road, Portmans, Sportsgirl etc.

It just has a lovely line -

* waist definition to give an hour glass look and reduce my pear shape
* a structured classic look in the shoulders & lapels but not exaggerated
* flexibility - good for work (navy or black pencil skirt or pants) or play (white pants, denim).

There has also been a camel version - identical, other than colour which is a hospital colour for me. Recently I saw a taupe almost linen version too, also in cotton & the same in other respects. Another hospital colour for moi.

The pink beauty is $139AU
On the US web site its $US99.

Here's where my story gets really sad....wwaaaaaahhhhh!

Out of maybe 50 items of this pink jacket that I have seen come into the Sydney store (this is a conservative estimate as I havent stalked the store every day) since it opened in April, only one has been a Large (Note to self: buy it next time), but plenty of XS, XL, a few M, a few Smalls.

Note: Since the Sydney store is so busy, the staff have been instructed not to take phone queries about stock and sizing & deliveries. That's understandable. Frustrating but understandable.

So unless you work in the city or are in there every second day, you dont stand much of a chance of being there when the style comes in, let alone when the size comes in.

So I have asked one of my US scarfie girlfriends in New York to buy it for me from the US site. Lovely girl, she had no issues with this despite her very considered preference for Hermes (I love that girl!

Even with the extra leg of shipping (Zara to scarfie, scarfie to me) it comes in cheaper than if I bought it at the Sydney store. Love the US economy & love the exchange rate!

So no more stalking required!

Happy dance!

What I learned:

The comment made by my spy "everything Spain can push out" seems to be carried out in a specific way....instead of deliveries of the replenished stock of a particular style including some XS, some S, some M, some L & some XL....they tend to receive heaps of only some of the size range.

So for example, in one replenishing delivery, the store may receive 10 x XS & 10 x the next delivery of the same style they may get 10 x L and 10 x S....or 10 x XL & 10 x XS (yes, again!) ie: there isnt an even delivery of each size in each drop. Further over time, there isnt an even delivery of each size either - its just what Spain pushes out.....that's life.....

In stalking the pink jacket, I have noticed this applies to replenished stock....I havent been able to figure out if there is a pattern in new drops (ie: items which are new to Sydney and are not merely replenishing stock which has already hit the floor). Stay tuned....

All photos from US Zara web site & all comments are the writer's opinions.

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