Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Plus size LBD option

Kate Husdon is heavily pregnant (ie: plus size) and she is due in a few weeks.
This is how she appeared as a recent Chanel benefit in Malibu.
Totally breathtaking, yet totally simple & not costing a gazillion dollars.
Its easy to re-create this look - we show you the formula here.

Why does this look work?

Lets break it down...

* Nude pumps (leg lengthening)

* Black dress (forever slimming - & feel free to substitute navy, chocolate, bottle green, maroon, charcoal depending on your complextion)

* A little bit of leg to amp up the volume a touch - but even if the front split was sewn down further, it would have been OK as the fabric is light & floaty

* Arms showing, but again, a little more coverage would be fine if that's what you prefer, or a black wrap over the shoulders (in fact it looks like she is carrying a wrap). You could even have a trench with this evening look simply because its so simple.

* Simple clutch toning in with shoes (in harmony, not "matchy matchy")

* I can bet any amount of money, the foundation garments are top notch in terms of fit & she has worn them before & knows they work. No last minute shopping trips to buy invisible knickers or shapewear.....

* Simple, simple, simple - less is more. You could even add a necklace or bracelet & it would be classy.

* Confidence - ahhh, makes all the difference

FYI - the dress is Elizabeth & James (the Olsen twins younger more inexpensive line) - its the new Fall 2011 line. I am sure it'll be silk and would cost in the vicinity of $400-$500.
Amortise that over 5 years, 4 times per year - $20/wear & you'll feel fabulous

Alternatively - get a get a good quality polyester (yes, they do exist) from Lincraft ($5-$8/mt), hire a dressmaker (who can pattern make) & have it made for around $300. Amortise that to $15 per wear. A bargain!

A silk version would cost more but is anyone (but me) going to know that its not silk? Absolutely not!

Need dressmaker referral? Just ask me!

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