Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guaranteed style improvement with no effort/cost

Q: What is guaranteed to improve your look &

* Gives you close to 2 cm of height
* Makes you look slimmer by 1-2 kg
* Makes your outfit look smarter & fall better from your body
* Make a more confident you
* Manage your fat days
* Has no cost
* Has no gadgets
* Involves no gymwork
* Involves no time investment

A: Great posture.

Stand tall, shoulder back, stomach in.

Most of the red carpet guests nail this beautifully. By looking at photos and footage of themselves they can iron out any kinks in this area.

Some of them, however, well...they dont seem to have it nailed - no matter how lovely the dress, the tan, the hair - they look awful......have a look......

Kristen Stewart killing her Herve Leger SS 2009 frock - shoulders back please Kristen!

Katie Holmes - I'm sorry, but no-one should have to crouch forward like this - the organisers (or her) should have foreseen this & arranged for a compromise given her co presenter, Daniel Radcliffe is so small...she is killing that Giorgio Armani Prive dress.....

She would face this with little guy Tom Cruise all the time & as far as I am concerned, no woman should forsake her grace & her stature for some insecure guy. Stand tall woman! If he doesnt like it, get someone who isnt threatened by it.

But it gets worse....even when she isnt sharing a microphone with the little guy - her posture is killing her look & her dress...mind you, take a closer look - her breasts look like they are stuffed into the cups...its a tragically bad fit.....oh dear Mr Armani....

Milley Jenny Packham for the 2010 Oscars....killing that frock!

Michelle a vintage lace dress at Cannes in 2008......I am going to scream....

Serena Williams butchering an Oscar de la Renta at the 2011 Met Ball.....I'm gonna cry.....

Gwyneth Paltrow in Alexander McQueen at the 2002 Oscar....apart from the see through dress factor and the no support for saggy boobs factor, she is sticking her tummy out & looks horrid....I am going to bash my head against a wall!

Emily Browning killing her Louis Vuitton at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival......I am going to put my head down the toilet!

& the serial offender, again......agghhhh...Should we be thankful she is smiling?

and again......more aaaggghhh...

Now look at this - Nicole has amazing posture & is a red carpet pro - but this dress is cut so it makes she shoulders look sloping - & makes her posture look, well, less than careful with this!

- in Nina Ricci at the 2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards.....

Finally - this comparison of a Roberto Cavalli frock isnt about posture or poise - both girls, Bar Refaeli & Zhang Jingchu have great posture & even poise - but the difference is that Bar literally owns the room - her stance is fierce & super confident. In contrast, Zhang is just posing for a photo.

Maybe it has something to do with Bar telling Leo where to go!!! Go Girl!

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