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Rockers and Shockers

From the last week or so, those that rocked their looks and those that shocked our eyeballs.......

Rose Byrne at the George St Event Cinemas in Sydney earlier this week for the premiere of Brides Maids. In Christian Cota Fall 2011 she rocked this look!

BBQ at the West Village in New York to unveil the Stella McCartney SS 2012 Collection....with Stella, are Aussie pals & fans, Liv Tyler and Naomi Watts...

Notice Naomi's espadrilles? I love, love, love espadrilles....evidence I can pick whatever colour complements the outfit during summer....all have been Scotchguarded meticulously....

left to right:
Nine West, yellow $29 (Birkenhead)
Nine West, pink $29 (Birkenhead)
Chloe, $ not stating price for fear of my life (Belinda warehouse sale)
Nine West, green/navy $59 (Birkenhead) - I got these first, then watched (aka: stalked) the outlet for the other colours
Guess $59, with black sequins on back from DJs

All the ribbons are removable, interchangeable & I can add other colour ribbons (from Lincraft) .....the Chloe ones had a boho look with raw knotted edges - I undid these edges & sewed them down so they are neat...yes, I am a tad anal - but I love them....something about "know thyself" comes to can refer the blog's detailed index for other posts relating to "know thyself". Now, arent all the espadrilles so pretty all lined up in a row?

I also have a black satin fully closed pump espadrille from Sonia Rykiel, but they are hiding from me ATM....

And this bloke showed up as a surprise guest....that's never happened at any BBQ I've been at....

Here's a look anyone can do.....Monica Bellucci

*simple hair,
*black classic suit
*black shirt - dont button up to the top - black can be harsh on 50% of the population - keep it open to show a bit of skin & throw light around your beautiful face...
*if black is too harsh for you, do it in navy, chocolate, grey, maroon, bottle green...plenty of options
*notice no tugging/pulling of the shirt buttons around the bust? too easy

Her ensemble is main line Dolce & Gabbana, but you can do this at any price point from Sportsgirl to Portmans to Table Eight to Cue to Veronika Maine to Carla Zampatti to international labels.

Jessica Alba, heavily pregnant in main line Dolce & Gabbana SS2011

*a great empire bustline look for plus size too!
*this collection has had so much visibility in real life (ie: more than just the magazine editorials) - dont be surprised if the whole Sydney Pitt St mall for next summer is white broderie cotton lace.....hint: pick it up early if you see it & wear it, wear it, wear it....

Catherine Middleton at the the Queen's birthday celebrations in Alexander McQueen, rocking it.

The same McQueen look book coat in grey

Catherine & Pippa on the way to a friend's wedding on the evening of the Queen's birthday celebrations....sans Willie....that chartreuse coat makes Pippa looks about 60 years and its too big under & around the bust....shocker!

Kate looks lovely - I love the way she continued to wear the same hat as she wore earlier in the day....

and that she wore the dress 4 years ago in a funkier way (wider belt, hair down, peep toes) - thrifty princess. I am so liking this girl!

lots of men in big hats....

da Queen in pastel blue & da Prince Philip in big hat

& this isnt fashion, but its pretty....wish they did this for my birthday....

Royal photos from Getty Images

A recent Oscar de la Renta photo.....loving the pop pom shoes and the heavily beaded dress on the right...notice the dress line on the beaded number is so simple because the WOW factor is in the fabric!

To show you how much I like pom pom shoes, here are my Choos (thank you ebay about 2 years old US$89 plus shipping with original box & stuffing)

a great work pump - they have wood heels in navy, not too fine & I had to sew the pom poms in by hand just to secure them....those little suckers arent leaving me ever!

A couple of blog looks I liked this week.....

& the thing about these isnt to replicate the exact items - but you can replicate the looks - with a white (or light blazer), white (or light tee), a gauzy scarf in stripe or plain and a coloured bottom.

Notice the scarf & the bottom are almost at opposite end of the colour wheel (below). It works beautifully for summer!

Notice if the scarf is plain, the bottom is patterned
& if the scarf is pattered, the bottom is plain.

Mind you, in my 40s, I'd be wearing these looks with a slim knee length pencil skirt - not flared skirt nor shorts. Who am I kidding - I even wore the pencil knee skirt in my 20s & 30s...hehehe.

Like I said - very easy to replicate these looks....

Both photos -

I keep a colour wheel pinned on my wardrobe door(s)...its a good reminder of clothing possibilities. You should try that too - its good inspiration!

Elle Fanning at the MTV Movie Awards looking totally age appropriate & cute (x 1,000) in D&G by Dolce & Gabbana.

Photo: FashionStyleAdvice

A British actress you are going to start hearing alot more about at a do in Monte Carlo.... Emilia Alberta Ferretti, Emilia Wickstead and Emanuel Ungaro......phew.....

This next one is breathtaking - look at how the larger print contrast band under the bust has elevated the dress compared to the runway model (which used a white band)....amazing. I want one too!

Its Bianca Brandolini d'Adda in Giambatista Valli.
This designer is showing haute couture for the first time ever in Paris next month......cant wait!

Shania Twain - that does impress me much!
Nice frock & I like that fact that she isnt hiding some small lines around her eyes!
Its at the 2011 Country Music Television awards

Photo: FashionStyleAdvice

Now.....drum roll....the best till last....

The best at the 2011 Tony Awards

Tammy Blanchard - in Georges Chakra - I demand her foundation garments! Gorgeous & perfectly executed!

Ellen Barkin - in L'Wren Scott (Mick Jagger's partner who often dresses Nicole Kidman)

Please note: Dont go & commit suicide on seeing this - the woman is 57 years and has had alot of surgical work.

She was also the bad boss in the 2001 movie Someone Like You with Hugh Jackman and Ashley Judd.....just a bit of non fashion trivia there....

& the Winner of the Evening (IMO) - no one comes close - Catherine Zeta Jones in Elie Saab.
Love the look, the hair, the frock, everything.

and the catwalk look.....

Photo: Getty Images

Another lady in red...but this one's a shocker.....Judith Light....remember Who's The Boss? with Tony Danza & alot of Law & Order guest appearances as a judge... well red carpet may not be her forte, but this is tragic and someone (even her publicist!!) should have intervened!

...the hair with that neck piece & the 80s make up......agghhh....

This is a McQueen.....too sad.....I am crying....loudly......

Now this one is simply a Bad Fashion Choice Shocker (even if she is pregnant) Elie Saab...Rai Aishwarya...How any woman can make Elie look bad is beyond me.....from the hat thing, to the muumuu to the white stockings to the shoes (straps cuts her off at the ankle) & overall she looks massive even though she is in the early stages....tut, tut, tut....

This one is sad....Christie Brinkley as an 80s prom queen...this lady has looked so good for so long, why does she go & stuff it up now? It is Zuhair Murad and his stuff is normally good, very good. Why? Why? Why?

And why is she setting the womens movement back like 100 years posing like this?

Omigod! If you thought it couldnt get worse - it does....there's a bum bow!!! Tacky! My eyeballs are killing me. Shocker!

Marg Helgenberger (CSI lady).....someone siad this was sexy...i just think it looks badly fitted & unfortunately she has a great bod! What a waste! What a shocker! We do however bow to her clutch - a Bottega Veneta knot clutch.....

The final shocker....Frances McDormand....she Won Best Actress but she isnt going to be winning any sartorial awards in this get up!

Another bit of trivia about dressed down starlets.....despite winning an unsurpassed four acting statuettes, Katharine Hepburn only attended the ceremony once, to present the honorary Irving J Thalberg award to producer Lawrence Weingarten in 1974. Dressed in her gardening clothes, Hepburn responded to the standing ovation with, “I'm very happy I didn't hear anyone call out ‘It's about time!’... I'm living proof that someone can wait 41 years to be unselfish.” Hhhhmmm.

IMO - when they come in making such a dress down statement, I do find them a bit selfish & disrespectful...just MO.

Maybe I should just be glad she isnt stuck in the 80s?

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